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fetal feet on ultrasound

Okay, so what do all you moms-to-be out there do before Baby gets here? Show off your great ultrasound photos, right?!

Well, I’d love to see them, too. Email me those shots near and dear to your heart to, and show off your little punkin’ to the world at the same time. Baby’s face, profile, 2D, 3D, hands, feet, or even your 4D video clips would all be perfect to post. And if you also have great shots of male or female fetal sex, send those, too!

I’ve personally taken some really great pics over the yawning, sticking out the tongue, puckering those lips..even flipping the bird! Who doesn’t love a cute set of baby toes? How about a ton of hair? If you got it, flaunt it! We moms like to brag on our cute kids, so it may as well start before they even get here.

Full disclosure! Uploading your images means you consent to my using them for promotion of my blog or future books. But, as always, I will always keep your privacy private!

Can’t wait to see them!

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Say Cheese!

wwavblogger, RDMS

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Most sonographers will print images for you to take home.  How many you get really depends on the person doing your scan and how nice she wants to be (seriously!) and then after that, totally dictated by Baby’s position.  So if Baby doesn’t want to play, we can’t get an image of anything cute whatsoever no matter how nice we are or how hard we try.  Most of the time, if Baby is facing your back, you’re pretty much toast for cute images that day.  Unfortunately, we simply cannot change the properties of physics by which ultrasound works.

If you get lucky and are given lots of pics, you’re probably very familiar with the paper on which the images are printed.  It’s thermal paper, quite thin and easily creases.  I’m sure most patients have found that they do not photocopy very well.  With today’s technology, it’s very easy to share these images with everyone in God’s creation.  Most of you have already figured out that all you have to do is take a photo of the image with your phone in order to save a jpeg.

A couple of tips for those of you that edit:

  • Make sure your flash is off.
  • Make sure you’re adequately focused and the image appears sharp.
  • Crop out the white edges.
  • Make the image black & white with effects.
  • Increase contrast and sharpness.
  • Use your eraser or otherwise edit out stray spots and lines.


Voila’!  A great jpeg of an ultrasound image.

Happy editing!


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So, I know that what results in a total disappointment for patients and the whole entourage is a very uncooperative baby.  Fetus, Jr. has a mind of his own and, believe me, you can poke until the cows come home but he will still likely not turn.  Yes, sometimes they’ll kind of fake you out..wiggle a bit and turn the face a quarter of the way..and then back down.  Mom, Grandmas and dads-to-be are all rooting him on, pushing on the belly and talking to him with English he doesn’t yet understand, as if any of this will make him magically move into the position of choice.  Most of the time, they’re not having ANY of it.

I’m talking about 3D scans.  They are a total blast when baby is in a great position and the best time to do them is about 27-28wks.  But it’s sort of all or nothing.  A great position is baby facing upward toward mom’s belly with a great pocket of fluid in front of the face and no placenta, limbs or cord in the way.  Any of the above-mentioned parts will obscure baby’s face in a 3D rendering so that it just cannot be seen, therefore, making a 3D image not possible.  Also, trying to attempt a 3D too far into the third trimester is a mistake.  Baby usually gets that head engaged quite low, obscuring part of the forehead and eyes, and fluid slightly diminishes as you get farther along so that will also make the probability quite low that a good 3D scan can be obtained later in pregnancy.  Now, let me disclose that I certainly have gotten some great images later in the 3rd trimester but it was totally by chance, not the norm and I just don’t recommend scheduling them that late!  And, I can’t really say for sure…  I’m assuming you are now asking, “Well, when is too late??”  I think after 30-31wks, you may be SOL.

If baby is cooperating, it’s tons of fun (as I have a love of photography outside of the daily fetus, uterus and ovaries) and I just click, click away.  Some of the best 3D scans will yield a good 50+ images.   And fun is had by all.  If baby is camera-shy or just plain obstinate, we blame dad and end up turning mom every way but on her head to no avail.  I usually just let her come back the next week to try again..

Try eating a good meal (not m&ms and a Coke -although both are delish, I can’t encourage that!) about 30minutes before your scan.  Schedule it right after breakfast or lunch.  Babies usually get more active after a meal and this may help your 3D be a success.  You don’t want your baby doing cartwheels after a sugar high..this can make getting images more difficult.

Good luck and email me your great 3D images if you have them!  I’d love to share them with everyone in a post and other moms will love to see them!


What a cutie!

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So here’s an update from Kayla!  Remember?  She sent two pics and I just could not determine pink or blue.   Go back to the post entitled “Are You Sure?” dated December 11, 2013 and now check out her most recent email and pic to see what she is having!  Drumroll, please………….








Hello! Just wanted to update you with my recent scan. It’s a boy! Super happy to be having our third boy 🙂
Take care,
wwavb:  Congrats, Kayla!  Now THAT looks like a boy:)  Merry Christmas and enjoy your baby boy!

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..which is precisely the feeling my patients sometimes have when coming back for another scan later in the second trimester, especially if baby is not in a good position.  We regularly will follow up an anatomy scan that is performed at 18-20wks.  We have a long checklist of fetal detail to document and whatever is not seen the first go ’round will usually warrant a second attempt about a month later.  It’s great if baby is on his/her back and looking up, not so much if he or she is curled up in a ball, facing mom’s back or practicing diving skills in the pike position.  In those cases, parents have a hard time recognizing anything on the monitor because all I’m observing is parts.  This is fine for me because I scan in 3D (mentally) so I know how baby is lying and know what the parts individually look like.  For parents, it’s a bit of a let down, especially if the face wasn’t well seen on the last scan and if they can’t make out the face, it looks like nothing to them.

Think about it..the face is pretty important.  Isn’t that how we greet one another?  We relate to each other by looking at each other’s faces and this is also true during an ultrasound.  When people meet their babies, they want to see his or her face and the profile is the best way to see it.  At this angle, you can see soft tissue features like the nose and lips.  So cute!  From the front, only bony features are seen so it looks a little more skeleton-like…a little scary for most!

Ya know, they all just have their own personalities in and out of the womb.  They are either posing for or hiding from the camera..NO paparazzi, please!

It really stinks to send someone home with only a pic of the foot :/

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If I’ve heard this once, I’ve heard it a million times.  As a matter of fact, I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this phrase in my career!  For the images below?  Heck, no!  There is just no way to be sure these images are of a baby boy and I’m totally not convinced!  Read on in an email from Kayla..


K:  Stumbled upon your site looking for answers of why I had “3 white dots” and told boy and why other moms I knew were told girl. Here is the image taken at 15 weeks 1 day. Was told boy and I believed it till I saw others with similar images and saying they were having a girl. None of my other two boys looked like this so just curious 🙂

Thank you,


wwavb:  Hi, Kayla!

Thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing!

And now about your images..first, 15wks is still a bit early.  Not that I’ve never been able to determine gender at 15wks but sometimes parts can still look a bit equivocal.  And since I didn’t scan you real-time, I just cannot determine based on these images!  Therein lies the problem with trying to guess sex too early and this is where mistakes are made.  I’ve seen the tip of a penis look this way early on and I’ve also seen the clitoris (middle white dot) still appear a little prominent in females at this gestational age.

My best recommendation is time!  Your anatomy screen which is usually performed between 18 and 20wks should reveal much more information PROVIDING baby is in a great position to see between the legs. I hope this helped somewhat and please upload images at that scan to keep me posted on what you find then!

“His Pee Pee” may turn out to be “Her Hoo Hoo”..hoo writes this stuff anyway?

Until next time!

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So below is an email from someone who paid for an elective scan at some ultrasound drive-through (these should be prohibited by state and federal law, in my personal and professional opinion).  She was only 16weeks!  Even though it is not impossible on every 16 weeker, it is difficult on most that age so my best advice for patients is to just wait for the sake of accuracy.  Read why below!

Mom:  Got this elective ultrasound done at 16w2d – sonographer said she was 80% sure girl – but had a hard time finding this shot.  Just felt like she was throwing something out there for us to go on.  She also reminded us that it was early and I should wait until my 20 week scan to be before buying pink.  Well, because of the holidays, I can’t get in until after New Year’s to do my scan at 22+ weeks and it’s driving me crazy now.  I spent $100 on this for her to tell me 80%.  I’ve been looking at other pictures and reading and just wondering what you think.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!


wwavb:  Thanks for reading my blog and your question!  First of all, and this is just my professional opinion, no one should be offering gender determination scans at 16wks. She’s absolutely is early so it would have been better to explain that first and then recommend you wait a couple of weeks more for the best chance of determination.  No one can guarantee gender 100% at any gestational age (NOTHING in medicine is 100%) and especially not at 16wks. It’s not that you can’t ever make a determination at 16wks, but it’s definitely harder then than at 20 or 22wks. I never give percentages.  Either I can tell or I can’t.  No guessing!  When a patient asks me to guess I always say, “Do you want me to guess or do you want me to be right???”

I can tell you that ultrasound is tricky and trying to determine from someone else’s frozen shot without my having scanned you real time is only a guess based on what I see in the image.  Your sonographer should probably not have added the annotation of girl and then tell you to wait for the next scan.  She probably felt it was a girl and just didn’t want to commit due to your gestational age.  What the image demonstrates where the arrow is pointed LOOKS like three little white lines and what we would say resembles female genitalia.  So based solely on the image I would have to say Team Pink has it.

SOOOOO…buy pink if you want and keep the receipts and hold off on painting a nursery!!  Feel free to email me an image of your next scan if you wish!  Hope this helped!


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So, if you all refer to the blog I posted with above said name on November 16, you’ll see a cute little sprout at 12 wks with mom, Jena, pondering my thoughts on a gender guess!  Let’s compare images..was I right?

Jena's Sweet PeaSweet Pea 20wks

Of course, I was!!  Well, okay, it was really less me and the fact that the criteria was correct for a girl guess.  I HAVE seen it wrong ONCE!  So it does have a fairly good rate of accuracy.  Read on for our conversation!
Great news!! You were right – It’s a girl!!I was having such bad anxiety and excitement all at the same time that I decided to go get a 3D/4D ultrasound during my lunch break on Monday and it was very clear it was a girl.

Good thing I did it before the thanksgiving holiday because my second appointment got
Rescheduled now for the beginning of December.

We can tell our families at thanksgiving – yay!! I will email you the updated u/s photos as soon as I possibly can.

Go TEAM Pink!

Thank you,

Congrats!! Yes, I’d love to see the images and upload them to the blog!  I hope you will enjoy all those dance recitals as much as I did:)
I’m assuming by 20 weeks its very obvious if there’s a predominant penis or vagina, right? I’m just still in shock. It looked very obvious to me to be a vagina. So a very little swollen clitoris and the side lines were very thin.
Sounds like what you are describing matches what we look for in girl parts.  By 20wks, external genitalia is very easily seen providing baby is in a great position!  And, yes, a small scrotal sac and a penis should be easily seen in boys and the labia and clitoris (we can’t see the vagina!) usually look like 3 white dots or lines at that gestational age.  Baby has very little fat in her skin right now so her labia will plump up and she will have much more recognizable girl stuff later!
It’s been such a blessing to have crossed paths. I truly LOVE reading your blogs and I would have to agree you capture a readers attention just like Carrie Bradshaw. Lord knows, most girls / women love some good ol’ Sex and the City!
So sweet of you to say and I’m SO happy to help!  And, yes, the image you sent could not look any more girly than it does!!  Congrats again!!!!!!!!

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This one is for sonographers.  I thought initially the patient could read it, also, to understand what it is she should expect from her sonographer.  However, I quickly realized this isn’t something the patient needs to read to’s something she already expects.  Every patient that walks into your room, regardless of how she reacts to you, EXPECTS to be greeted kindly and with a smile; EXPECTS to be explained in a fully understandable way what kind of examination she can expect to have performed and how it will be performed and whether it will be painful.  She expects conversation..and she deserves it.

Sonographers, you have GOT to get out of the mindset that your only job is to look at that monitor and say nothing else to your patient.  She is human, she has feelings.  Sometimes, she is even scared and anxious about the examination she is going to undergo.  Sometimes, she’s not afraid of the examination but fearful of results.  Sometimes, she’ll even tell you so.  YOU are a provider.  YOU are the master and conductor of the environment in your room at that moment.  You have to remember that the exam you are performing requires “invading” the personal space of another individual and actual contact with that person.  It IS a very personal experience for that patient and, often, a very uncomfortable one.  Your patients are trusting that you will do a good job for them because you are there representing, an extension of, her physician.

You can ask her how she’s feeling today.  If she says ‘Terrible’, you can lend apologies and say you hope her day will be better as soon as this test is over!  Patients often laugh as I’m gelling up the middle finger of a vinyl glove as I slide it down over the vaginal probe.  I always say ‘Gotta have a little comedy in medicine somewhere, right??!’  They’ll ask about your family, pictures, your kids, your experience in your career.  Talking to them during the exam helps most people to just get through it a little more easily.

Don’t be afraid to open a conversation for fear of being asked the question we all cannot answer regarding results.  The best way to respond to this is to simply state ‘Well, my job is to take these measurements and images.  Your doctor will want to examine them along with your other clinical information and then decide how your ultrasound fits into that picture.  Only your doctor has all the pieces of that puzzle!”

For OBs, you just about can’t get through an exam without mom or dad asking ‘Does everything look ok?’  I’ll usually say ‘So far, so good but, you know, your doctor will go over this entire exam with you and you can ask her any questions you have.’  Point out their baby’s parts as you take your images.  Thank the heavens for postprocessing!  You can always go back and focus on things that need special attention after your patient leaves.

On occasion, they’ll say ‘Yeah, but you know what you’re looking at.’  I’ll say ‘Yes, I have to know what I’m seeing to know which measurements to take but it’s your doctor who has to decide what it all means for you.’  Or otherwise explain that her doctor will get a report from the radiologist.  And be knowledgeable regarding how long they’ll have to wait to receive results.  You can bet the farm you’ll get THIS question.

One thing I’ve realized over the years, and anyone who works with the general public would agree, that you can’t make everyone happy all the time.  It’s just impossible.  Some people can’t be made happy.  But when you go out of your way to make conversation with your patient, make her feel comfortable, answer her questions and show her how cute and fat her baby’s cheeks are, it (most of the time) makes for a happier patient.

It feels good to get a warm ‘Thank you’ as you walk your patient out.  If you can send her out with a good chuckle, even better:)

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Sorry I’ve been away soooo long but I’ve been oh so busy with mom and work stuff and I finally have a minute to write a little!

Two weeks later, we are now 14w1d.  Moms and dads start to ask the question of “when” now.  “WHEN” will we be able to determine gender???!!  Well, truth is, if your sonographer can see VERY well, now is not too early for a guess.  In these images you’ll see our twins and what I guessed their gender to be at this point.  I’ll give you a hint..I was right!  Did you doubt me?  Take a close look at these images and you’ll see the difference for yourself.  This is a shot of each baby’s bottom so this is all you can see on the image.  On Baby A, you see three little white lines.  On Baby B, you can see a little something sticking out.  So, what is YOUR baby??  Pink or Blue?  Upload your images to share!!

Both babies..can you guess?









Look below..did you guess correctly?






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They made it!  Beginning the second trimester is a big deal and it started yesterday.  Everyone has just worked so hard to get to this much growing and developing!  Babies are 12w1d now, fully formed and just have to keep growing from this point.  They really look like babies now and not so much the alien they used to resemble.  Tiny hands and feet are distinctly recognizable now as you can see in the photos below.  Awww!

Some organs can be seen at this point like the stomach as it fills due to baby’s swallowing of the amniotic fluid and the urinary bladder as it becomes more distended due to functioning kidneys.  The stomach and bladder appear as black because fluid shows up black on ultrasound.  The brain can be seen but is still developing at this point and the heart is a beating machine but still too small to see much detail.  All of these things and more will be evaluated around the 18-20wk timeframe or as your doctor orders.

Notice, in the image of the itsy-bitsy bottom of the foot, the scale in centimeters on the right-hand side. The foot measures about 1cm or less than 1/2 an inch right now!

Baby A is showing off today and waving to Mom.  Bye-bye ’til next visit!

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We all know this is the age of technology.  And, no, I’m not talking about ultrasound software, though this technology is ever-amazing and always improving almost as fast as your iPhone.  What in the world, pray tell, can I be referring to but the dreaded cell phone??  I realize almost every person above the age of 6 has a smartphone but do you really have to be on it during an ultrasound exam??  Do you really have to iron out a billing issue with your internet provider right now?  I know people use it to pacify the kids but I’ll be quite frank..THEY don’t need to be in there, either!  If they are at an age or of the mindframe that they need to be kept busy with something else during the exam, they should not have come with you in the first place.  The music and games are loud and provide a terrible distraction for those of us who are trying to work!  We have a job to make sure your baby is normal and this requires concentration.  Little Einsteins squawking in the background makes that a little more difficult to do.  I hate to ask people to mute games or leave with screaming kids but sometimes I just have to do it.

For the love of Pete, please do your sonographer and doc a favor and turn off all electronics during your exam and let grandma take the kids to the waiting room.  Better yet, let grandma babysit them at home.  I love when patients show up with no help, no carrier and baby in arms or with a toddler and no stroller or additional person to take out the screaming toddler because he is pissed to be strapped in and can’t see Mom.  It’s really great when someone shows up with two or more kids and no help.  Really?  Ladies, you’re juggle and manage a lot of things so please use your common sense when it comes to your medical exams.  We can’t examine your next kid very well while you are trying to discipline your others.

We will not be upset if you reschedule for a time that you have a sitter.  I promise!  We’re moms, too.  My kids didn’t grow up around family, either, so I know what it’s like to need a reliable sitter.  However, at the end of the day, it’s a medical exam and very young children need to stay home.  Please, please, please..just reschedule.



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first trimester ultrasound 11wks

first trimester ultrasound 11wks

So a little more time has passed and we are now about 11wks!  Babies are slightly bigger = about 4.3cm now or almost two inches!  The second trimester starts at 12wks so the first trimester, thought of as the most crucial one for growth and development, is almost over.  Babies can be seen doing a lot of quick jerky movements at this point.  They can be quite active and actually mimic little jumping beans in there!  In the second image, you can see little legs quite distinctly.

Until next time!

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I have a question..  What in the world makes anyone presume he or she can narrate an ultrasound examination??  I have to laugh but I do try so hard to keep it smothered.  No, that’s not the eye blinking or an ear when I’m looking at the brain.  How can I tell that’s a penis?  Well, it looks like a penis..and scrotal sac.. and little girls don’t usually have those things.  You know you’ve heard it a thousand times, my fellow OB sonographers!!  LOL  It takes us months of training to be able to decipher this stuff but some patients and/or their family continually point out things on the screen like they know what they are seeing but, alas, are entirely wrong.

I’ve talked about this before but I just HAD to say after a recent experience that an amniotic sac does not contain bubbles (it’s cross-sections of the umbilical cord that look circular) and a fetus cannot burp or “fart” because Peanut cannot ingest the air that is required to create such bodily functions since a fetus lives in fluid and does not actually use the lungs in utero.

Also, it’s called a placenta.  What is it??  It’s a temporary organ that feeds the baby until delivery…what’s that? cord is not attached to mom’s belly button.  Sheez.

REALLY?? Is this REALLY something I HAVE to explain?  To all those who did not know the above information, it’s called Biology 101.  Take a class!

One more for the road…”What are labia?”  Yeah.  You know this came from a man.


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It’s now Week 9 and the babies have grown a whole centimeter!  That’s a little less than 1/2″ for all  you Americans out there reading this.  Just a little bigger and still in that very gummy bear-looking stage.  You can compare the dimensions between the 1st image and the last post.  Also, note in the second image, that baby is beginning to demonstrate arm and leg buds!  This is very exciting:)  Roll over the images for a brief explanation of them!

9wk fetal ultrasound


9wk fetal ultrasound

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About a week has passed and my friend, the pregnant mom, has decided to become a little less neurotic and not asked to be scanned every other day!  I must add here that this waiting has, indeed, almost killed her but she did it and I am so proud:)  The babies are doing great!  They are now each 8wks and referred to as a fetus.  You can see in the first image that Baby A is a whopping 15mm.  Wow, a future linebacker, maybe?  Just kidding.  All babies grow about the same rate right now.  They are just beginning to sprout little arm and leg buds and look just like a little gummy bear.  So cute!  

In the second image, you can see both babies together and each in their own gestational sac.  Again, this means they can be different sexes and likely not identical.

In this last image, you can see what is more of a side view of Baby B.  Stay tuned in..they’re changing every day!


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