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On July 25 I posted images of twin gender at 16+wks, one a boy and one a girl..we were guessing!  I felt pretty sure (or I wouldn’t have said a word!) but still wanted to wait a couple of weeks to look again.  Babies are 18+wks now.  Lo and behold..still one of each!  Check out the images below and compare to the last post.  I included the link below for you.  Enjoy!



This, of course, is a side-by-side of each baby with Baby Boy on the left and Baby Girl on the right.  It’s an underneath view so all we are seeing are babies’ butts and legs to the knees essentially.  All parts labeled for better understanding.  The “three white lines” for the baby girl are a little harder to see in this image but you’ll see it more clearly in the one of her below.



This is the same view and very obviously a proud baby boy!



You can see how much different this baby girl looks compared to her brother.  No wee wee here!


These are GREAT images of gender, people!  Clear potty shot and no question..just how I like to scan them! Below is the link for the first images at 16+wks.

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