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A city of history, culture, food, and yes, romance. One of the most iconic New England destinations, Boston, Massachusetts is known even outside the US, drawing visitors from across the globe. Each year, millions of people travel to Boston to experience its world-class museums, amazing historical sites, and thrilling sports scene. Among those visitors are couples looking for the sweeter side of the city: those seeking activities for two.


All in all, both these options are pretty sweet. There are also temporary tattoo booths, a photo booth, a bubbly bar, and a big light up that says "Wine Riot" just waiting for you to take an Insta story in front of it. This is a date worthy of being in The Notebook. Everybody's true colors come out when Boston is ticking and you're trying to solve a mystery! And you can never go wrong with a date that involves eating.

Every year, you get the chance to try hundreds of new wines. But anybody can do that. A quiet date filled with history and art is all you need. Learn More. The place is open from am until midnight! But that's what this list is for! Everybody from Boston knows that they live in the most underrated city in the states.

Listen, there's so much to do in a park especially one as beautiful as Boston Commons. It's a cozy little bookshop with all the latest releases you could ever want to read. Date can get really windy while you take a lazy stroll on the harbor walk, so bundle up.

This happens every Wednesday night at pm during fall and winter and pm during spring and summer. Sometimes, you just want to hang out with lions and tigers. End the night underneath the stars. Even in a city where there's always something going on, it can be feel daunting when trying to choose what to do for date night. All it takes is for you two to be locked in a room for 60 minutes to complete a mission.

Best date ideas boston: 65 romantic things to do in boston for couples

After dinner or drinks, head to the Coit Observatory at Boston University to observe the night sky using telescopes and binoculars. Impro Asylum puts on a show every single day of the week. The highlight of the place has to be the courtyard that's always transforming with different flowers and plants over Boston course of the year. Uh, yeah count us in! And if you're in a new relationship, you always want to step up your game and impress them. You can drink, play some of the lawn games, or just chill on the swings.

And if you two want to make time for your friends, bring them along too! What pairs well with chocolate? Take a romantic stroll around the park just before the sun sets, walk over the foot date over the water, and pick a spot to sit while you watch the swans from afar. Yes, you might even be asked to come up on stage to be part of something. Tipsy Chocolates offers a of tours that take you around to different shops around Boston and let you sample all the chocolate you could ever imagine.

Plus, it's never not entertaining when people try to impress you with their impression of a Boston accent. And the zoo can be a great place for a date because they often decorate the place and have amazing displays for fall and winter.

If you're in the mood for comedy but love the thrill of not knowing what's to come next, go and see an improv show! The interactive swing display is up all the time and the swings light up at night! Why not see which one of you becomes Bob Ross after a couple of drinks? There are plenty of park benches for you to sit down and enjoy each other's company while the fall leaves change colors. Books and all-day breakfast? That's just a bonus when you get to hang out with sloths and red pandas for a day.

Register for a class at this bar and you'll receive all the tools and supplies you need to show off your artistic side. If you go when it gets dark, you can catch the light up pumpkins they have everywhere! Book a couples massage for the two of you for the ultimate relaxation date. Don't have an ? in. Two coffees and cookies for here, please. Come to this spa with a view with your loved one!

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There are ideas for places you pass by all the time but never think to go in to, there are relaxing dates for those who want a step up from Netflix and chill, and then there are dates that revolve around food. Sure, you could get drinks at a bar and call it a night. Maybe grab a hot chocolate or hot apple cider to keep you guys warm while you spend the rest of your night here before heading home.

This one's a bit different though so give it a chance. It's a mix between a wine tasting and a convention. Come visit this beautiful garden supply store that seems like it was crafted for Instagram photos in mind. Each session takes about 2. This is not a place where you just grab your coffee and go. This is the perfect date for when you want a bit of fun and action mixed together. The treatment comes with a 50 or 80 minute option. And if you had fun on the tour, you can also take one of their classes together and learn how to make truffles! The place is overflowing with all sorts of plants and accessories all while being lit with string lights.

You'll want to spend forever here in this Insta perfect setting with the tiled floors and the white marble tables.

Where to go on a date in boston this summer

There's always something going on at this outdoor event space. Forget Los Angeles and New York. And since it's an improv show, you never know what's going to happen. This low key might come across as an errand, but its can be a chill date too! You can sample wines at each booth while getting to learn about what you're tasting. Louisburg Square has brick sidewalks and cobblestone ro all lined with equisite houses. If you want to be tourists in your own city, head here. Seriously, what more could you want for a fun night out with bae?

Get back out there.

This place also serves beer and wine, if you want to get really classy while discussing your book purchases. Not every date has to be flashy and fancy!

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If you've been in a relationship for awhile, it gets harder and harder to surprise your partner with a new date night idea. In the winter, you can go ice skating on the pond. But it is worth it just to walk by the water and listen to the calm waves while you hold hands with your partner. They serve the most delicious cookies you'll ever taste and they go great paired with a latte.

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A park? There are different ways the "tipsy" part of the tour come to play, but the best one is known as the chocolate cocktail aka the chocktail. And if you get hungry, the cafe serves everything from eggs benedict to bubble tea to burgers.

Create. Of course, it depends on the weather, but it's an amazing date if you can go on a clear night! Museums aren't everyone's thing and that's perfectly fine! For a date? Enjoy the brisk air on a clear day and walk around while you enjoy the peace and quiet of the square. You two can pick out some plants together to spruce up your space or just take a peek around the place.

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It's a two hour class offered at the Boston Harbor Distillery. Already have an ? Swans are pretty, but they can be aggressive! Life's more fun when you're laughing. You two can grab a snack and settle in while you debate what you're going to watch on Netflix that night.

The spa is also open until on weekdays, so this could be an option for the two of you after a stressful day at work. This is basically an adult playground. And in the spring and summer months, every grassy area is perfect for a picnic.

The 13 best boston date ideas

Everything about it screams "I need to take several photos of this for Instagram. If you're looking for a spot to hide out from the rain or snow, this is the spot for you. First of all, the museum itself is housed in a beautiful building. Everybody knows the real estate is ridiculous there, but you can still pretend like you live in the area! How well do you really know your partner?

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In fact, that happens all the time. Embrace the wind! Booze, of course!

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Conjuring up original date ideas in Boston can be challenging, especially when temperatures in Beantown dip below freezing.


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