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This popular procedure can smooth out wrinkles and lift the deeper structures of the face for a naturally-rejuvenated appearance. By three months after your gynecomastia surgery in Northern Virginia, the final should be apparent. They can also be used to sculpt the face, allowing you to achieve defined facial contours.

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These injections contain the neurotoxin Botulinum Toxin A, which is a manufactured version of a naturally occurring bacterium. However, discomfort can be alleviated with pain medication prescribed by Dr. Most patients only need to take ibuprofen or other OTC medications within days after surgery. Yes, absolutely. Male plastic surgery is an important component of Dr. Cosmetic procedures for men are deed to rejuvenate the face for a more youthful appearance, and restore a sculpted, masculine shape to the body. Rhinoplasty A strong profile is one of the defining characteristics of the male ideal, but cosmetic flaws like a dorsal bump or crooked nasal bridge can affect the balance of facial features.

A strong profile is one of the defining characteristics of the male ideal, but cosmetic flaws like a dorsal bump or crooked nasal bridge can affect the balance of facial features. Call to schedule a consultation in Alexandria, VA, for gynecomastia surgery and other procedures for men. Skin Care Skin care is something that men often overlook, but with the right products, you can have a complexion that is clear, radiant, and healthy. Even thin men may experience gynecomastia.

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Eyelid Lift The delicate tissues surrounding the eyes are especially vulnerable to age-related changes in men. Patients usually return to work within a week or two.

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Facelift Men in Alexandria, VA, want to look as good as they feel. Male plastic surgery can also treat cosmetic concerns that are specific to men, like gynecomastia. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top 5 male plastic surgery procedures are consistently rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, gynecomastia surgery, liposuction, and facelift surgery. However, you should plan on resting for at least a week, and exercise should be avoided for two weeks. Dermal fillers reduce the s of age by filling in surface depressions like nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and they can restore volume to areas that have lost their youthful fullness.

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When strategically injected into areas under the chin, this acid dissolves fat cells. The nipples may also be repositioned to restore a natural appearance. When it comes to non-surgical options, most healthy men are suitable candidates.

For these patients, even exercise and dietary changes will not change the size of breasts. No matter your reasons for seeking rhinoplasty, Dr. Desman would be happy to create a treatment plan for nose surgery that aligns with your cosmetic tastes and goals.

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This accumulation of tissue may be caused by factors as varied as medications, hormones, and weight fluctuations. Over time, the face and body undergo unwanted cosmetic changes. Traditionally, women made up the majority of patients seeking cosmetic enhancements, but recently, men are discovering that they are excellent candidates for plastic surgery. After a facelift, most patients can still carry out light activity that same day. You may feel some pain for the first few days after your gynecomastia surgery in Northern Virginia.

Even if you work out regularly, aging or genetics may cause you to accumulate unwanted fat under the chin that makes you look older or out of shape.

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Skin care is something that men often overlook, but with the right products, you can have a complexion that is clear, radiant, and healthy. Desman can discuss which method of male breast reduction would suit you best. Desman performs gynecomastia surgery in Northern Virginia using either liposuction or an excision technique.

Male breast reduction is currently the only long-lasting, effective treatment option for this condition.

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Excision Technique. Non-Surgical Procedures for Men. Injectables Injectables have become increasingly popular for men seeking facial rejuvenation in Northern Virginia.

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During the first few weeks, swelling will reach its peak. Whether performed as a standalone procedure or in combination with other treatments, an eyelid lift can produce exceptional. Most non-surgical treatments require little-to-no downtime. While these changes are gradual at first, you may start to feel uncomfortable with your appearance. Whether you need to keep pace with younger colleagues in your field, or you simply want to refresh your look, a facelift can restore what age has claimed.

Rhinoplasty recovery is typically not overly burdensome, but you may experience discomfort during the first days and bruising for the first few weeks.

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Men in Alexandria, VA, want to look as good as they feel. While age-related changes may cause you to appear older or more tired than you actually are, a facelift allows you to take control of your looks. Desman has a full line of specially formulated products that are effective on all skin types. Over time, you may notice wrinkles developing in this area, in addition to sagging eyelid skin and puffy eyebags.

The delicate tissues surrounding the eyes are especially vulnerable to age-related changes in men. With the help of board-certified surgeon Dr. Desman, you can restore a more defined appearance to your chest. Eyelid Lift. You should be able to return to work within a week, but strenuous activity will need to be avoided for around a month. Eventually, the fat cells are flushed from the body. To see of gynecomastia surgery patients in Alexandria, VA, view our photo gallery. With this method, Dr. Desman will make an incision and remove excess breast tissue and skin.

Some men have excess glandular tissue directly under the areola, which may cause the nipples to look puffy.

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When injected, neuromodulators force the underlying facial muscles to relax, making movement-related wrinkles disappear. In cases where gynecomastia is caused by excess glandular breast tissue, an excision technique is commonly used.


Most patients can return to work within days. Swelling and bruising will peak during the first week after an eyelid lift, and your sutures will be removed after about 3 days. Fortunately, liposuction can eliminate unsightly bulges of fat, revealing a toned, youthful shape.

To help reduce swelling and to facilitate healing, you may be fitted with a snug, elastic garment to wear.

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This will help your body achieve a masculine physique once the area has fully healed. Desman is proud to offer a variety of male plastic surgery options for men in the Northern Virginia area. Liposuction Technique. Injectables may cause brief, mild swelling or redness. Many men in Alexandria, VA, choose to undergo rhinoplasty to correct these and other cosmetic concerns to feel more confident with the way they look. If you feel dissatisfied with how age, weight gain, or other factors have altered your face and body, then you may be a candidate for male plastic surgery in Northern Virginia.

Most patients return to work after two weeks.

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Considering male plastic surgery in Northern Virginia? For surgical procedures like gynecomastia surgery or liposuction, Dr. Desman will determine your candidacy at your consultation in Alexandria, VA. Gynecomastia is the medical name for excessive breast tissue in males. Frequently, a combination of both techniques is used to achieve optimal. Non-Surgical Treatments.

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While a proper diet and exercise can often help with larger breasts in men, sometimes, the excess glandular tissue continues to exist. can usually be seen after about treatments spaced a month apart, and patients can expect their to be permanent.

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Discover how the Virginia Center for Plastic Surgery in Alexandria, VA, can enhance your appearance with both surgical and non-invasive treatments. Strenuous activity should be avoided for the first three weeks, and it will probably be about a month before you can your regular daily activities.

For patients whose gynecomastia is caused by fat deposits, Dr. Desman offers male liposuction techniques that are specifically deed to remove fat while encouraging skin to conform to underlying muscle.

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