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It is all too easy for a good book to disappear into obscurity.


Here's how they persevered. Plenty of clues already showed that Vikings had been to Ireland, including ruins, artifacts, and Norwegian family names. Animals This three-legged lion is a symbol of hope. No dice. To participate, all eight of your great-grandparents have to have lived within about 30 miles of each other in Ireland, information that the Genealogical Society of Ireland can help you track down. Find out how Neanderthal DNA may be affecting your health.

How viruses shape our world.

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Paid Content Be inspired by Texas big-city life. Animals New type of carnivorous plant found in mountain bogs. The Ulster genetic ature is different from those across the rest of Ireland.

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Environment Planet Possible This new technology could help cool people down—without electricity. Travel Pastis, an iconic French aperitif makes a comeback. Travel Why Monterey Bay is the Serengeti of marine life. Subscriber Exclusive Content.

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The thinking was that by putting together a separate and finely detailed genetic landscape of Ireland, regional distinctions would emerge. Considering that something like 20 to 30 percent of North Americans can claim Irish ancestry, the new work affects plenty of people outside of the region. Being able to link genetic information to geographic origins helps medical researchers de studies that consider how and why a person, or a group of people, may be affected by certain genetic diseases.

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Science This asteroid is one of the most likely to hit Earth New ultraprecise measurements show that the asteroid Bennu has a higher chance than thought of impacting our planet sometime in the next years, NASA says. This asteroid is one of the most likely to hit Earth. All rights reserved. Go Further.

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Give it a stir—one generation—and you can still see the distinct layers of each ingredient. Camels are disappearing in India, threatening a centuries-old nomadic culture. One big finding was the distribution of people prone to complex genetic disorders. The work, published in Scientific Reportsbuilt on the People of the British Isles projectwhich ly looked at genetics in rural England, Scotland, and Wales. Environment Deadly heat, floods, drought will get worse if warming continues.

How can they even tell all that?

United States Change. The researchers expected to see differences from south to north and from east to west, similar to how lineages are organized in Europe and the U. But in Ireland, genetic atures are clustered very strongly with the four ancient kingdoms of Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster.

One came from a person who lived near Belfast during the Neolithic, around 5, years ago. Science This asteroid is one of the most likely to hit Earth.

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Animals How extreme heat affects our pets—and how to help them. The ancient genomes mainly served as a nice background reference to highlight variances between the modern groups. Two Irish kelp burners stand on a rocky coastline and smile for a portrait in Share Tweet. A tiny tube could make all the difference. And compared with the rest of Europe, the Irish have higher rates of cystic fibrosis, celiac disease, and galactosemia, a serious metabolic disorder that prevents the breakdown of sugars in dairy, legumes, and organ meats.

Science Coronavirus Coverage The world needs more vaccines, faster. Travel Planet Possible Inside the political battle to preserve a sprawling national forest in California. Why are people so dang obsessed with Mars?

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The atures that turned up in Ireland are most similar to those from the north and west coasts of Norway, where Vikings were most active. Environment How extreme fire weather can cool the planet. The era of greyhound racing in the U. See how people have imagined life on Mars through history. That's probably a result of the Ulster Plantation settlements of the s—a time when Irish Catholics were being forced off the land by the English monarchy—and more frequent travel between Scotland and northern Ireland over time.

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Environment Does Smokey Bear need a makeover? In both the United Kingdom and Ireland, for example, prevalence of multiple sclerosis increases the farther north you go.

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Animals Camels are disappearing in India, threatening a centuries-old nomadic culture. The shorter the segments, the older they are. A team led by Gianpiero Cavalleri at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin pieced together the new map using the genetics of Irish individuals.

Animals Wildlife Watch Inside the murky world of dolphin therapy. The team did compare the modern group with two ancient genomes from Ireland.

What kinds of dna-based differences did they discover across ireland?

Environment Some catastrophic changes to the climate can still be headed off. History Magazine Who were the Aztec, really? Scientists look for variations along contiguous portions of DNA. Longer sections that are similar between groups mean those genes entered the genome more recently.

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The early modern noblewoman, Elizabeth Cary, Lady Falkland, has long been credited with writing two versions of a history of King Edward II which, although composed in the s, were not published until