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He was adventurous, from trying new often pretty disgusting delicacies to exploring new cities and locales. Baviera died at age 60 on March 23 at the San Lavaro Hospital in Manila after contracting the coronavirus.

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He was diverse in his interests and just a really good dude. She was a bright light in her community. But not even sorrow is one-dimensional. But we all, at one time or another, have reason to mourn.

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She was a thoughtful and committed public servant who loved helping people and loved the people she worked with. Later, she became one of the first researchers to receive a Chinese government scholarship to spend two years as a foreign student in Beijing. He was admitted to Mount Sinai hospital after visiting an urgent care — he was told he had a double lung infection. His specialty medium was lead pencils, which he would sharpen by hand with an X-acto knife.

Gianmarco Bertolotti was my baby brother and my best friend. As a classmate, he was incredibly intellectually curious and well-read. Black was still working diligently on his art in the weeks before his death on May 15 from complications related to the coronavirus, which was compounded by an ongoing battle with diabetes.

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Some of my happiest memories involve him singing and dancing, full of life and love. One of the most important things a mother can do is pass on her best traits.

Aileen Baviera was a professor, a government analyst, the head of an NGO and a public speaker. She was a dedicated mom and Cincinnati Bengals fan who also was very political and loved to debate. Gianmarco loved to read and learning excited him. He was Peyton was the first person under age 18 to die of complications related to the coronavirus in the state of Missouri, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatchciting state health data. As a helicopter whirred above, a line of black-and-whites stretching to the horizon traveled more than 50 miles, escorting a hearse that drove her body from a hospital in Vallejo to a cemetery in Napa.

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And when we work up the courage to look beyond our individual personal spheres, we see that many people who have made our world better, in big and small ways, have vanished before we were ready to let them go. He was unique and pure and a really good listener.

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But just being alone is only part of the difficulty. I can only hope that the kindness, compassion and generosity she has shown us over the years remains with us as we mourn her passing and celebrate her life. Averette died on Dec. Although the baby is home and doing well, Charles said the family is devastated over the loss of their matriarch.

Gianmarco loved deeply, smiled often and had no enemies. Black dropped out in For the rest of his life, he would live a minimal, solitary lifestyle and take on odd jobs to pay the bills. On April 3, police officers from across Northern California solemnly lined up their vehicles to honor Marylou Armer, a police detective in Santa Rosa who is the first known law enforcement officer in the state to die of complications from the coronavirus.

Inshe returned to the Philippines and worked as a government researcher at the Department of Foreign Affairs. All we could do for the mom who gave us everything is tell her how much we loved her and hope that somehow, she could hear us.

The lives lost to coronavirus

She also reminded her followers to stay safe. California Gov. Gavin Newsom also praised Armer in a public statementand ordered Capitol flags flown at half-staff in her honor. From there, she ventured back into academia, teaching at Ateneo de Manila University and the University of the Philippines, where she earned a Ph. Her colleagues and students remember her for her balanced insight on Philippines-China relations and influential ideas about the social and economic issues common to the two developing countries.

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Agyapong underwent an emergency C-section shortly after she was admitted, and gave birth to a baby girl. He loved a good debate, was loyal and loved his family with all his heart. We have no roadmap for this new territory. Black was born in Aruba on January 6,and moved to the U.

He majored in art history at Columbia and immersed himself in the local art and music scenes during a countercultural explosion, going to galleries every Saturday morning and seeing young talents like Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie at local venues at night. Law enforcement officers throughout the country have been struck by the virus, as they have continued to go to work amid the pandemic.

She was My mom had also been fighting rheumatoid arthritis for many years.

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He was only 42 years old and worked for Lenox Hill Hospital as a mason in the healthcare union and was an essential worker. COVID is real and they want to remind students and parents to take these precautions in and outside of school. He is now a public administration professor and dean at the College of Continuing, Advanced and Professional Studies at the University of Makati in Manila.

But she will be remembered as an expert who studied China for the sake of her home—the Philippines. She had attended an academic conference in Paris where one participant was diagnosed with COVID, her university said.

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In his jubilant and revivifying memoir, I Rememberthe artist and writer Joe Brainard tabulated all the little things that can come to shape how we think about life. Wet eyes and a high heart. But Blancas will not be able to fulfill the role she fought so hard to secure to serve the community she loved. Averette shared her COVID health struggles on Facebook while she was hospitalized, and spoke candidly about the loneliness and fear she felt about the virus and being separated from her family.

We fear losing—or we may have already lost—people we love. There can always be at least a glimmer of joy in remembering things that people gave us while they were here. He just did it. The veteran mom gave birth to her daughter, named Skye, in the ICU via C-section six weeks early due to health concerns, per the outlet.

It is unclear where Ms. Agyapong contracted the virus and whether she had any pre-existing medical conditions that put her at higher risk. The new mother died on April Agyapong completed her last shift on March 12 and had not returned to work in the subsequent weeks.

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As a wife and mother, she had endless love for us. My mom was one of those people that just drew others to her. These are just some of the people who have been taken from us, even as they have left us much to remember them by. She was founding president of the Asia Pacific Pathways to Progress, an NGO that promotes peace and cultural understanding through international dialogue and cooperation.

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I will miss her so very much. Wherever she went she made friends, and she never neglected to keep in touch with them. After creating these works mostly for himself and friends for decades, Black broke out in at age 64, when he was invited to put on his debut solo show, which was met with acclaim.

On a day when we would usually shower her with gifts and take her out to lunch, my family huddled around our phones and tablets as the nurse showed her to us over video chat. She loved to laugh, joke and get together with her many friends. It was the only time Averette was able to see her daughter in person.

This meant she was immunocompromised and part of a population that is especially vulnerable to this disease. The artist populated his work with characters from history and myth alike, creating surrealist, hyper-detailed tapestries that challenged any linear or conventional Western approach to history.

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The artworks were so dense and detailed that at his show, each piece of art was accompanied by a magnifying glass and a guide with labels and annotations. Armer began with the department as a field evidence technician in and went on to become a sworn officer in She grew up in the San Diego area, where she took part in a police department explorer program as a teenager. According to local news outlets, Blancas was hospitalized for the second time on Nov. Blancas had more than 10 years of experience as a lawyer in El Paso, where she was born and raised by immigrant parents from Mexico.

He was good with his hands and created breathtaking art.