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He's been meeting with congressional Republicans and will trek to the Hill again Tuesday. President Barack Obama has pledged to work with Republicans on his economic stimulus package. That's because while they can vote against the plan, they understand they're not likely to kill the stimulus package. But here's the problem: The GOP has to be careful about not being seen as the folks who simply want to obstruct the Obama agenda. They should want to be a part of the fix.

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Then it's their jobs that will be on the line. John Boehner, is making that very clear.

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And, by the way, if you're a Republican in a state in which the economy is truly hurting, it's risky to oppose a stimulus package. Why not try to work with the president, just to see how it feels?

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E-mail to a friend. But what might make them more nervous is the prospect that the economy doesn't improve. Turns out, President Barack Obama actually meant it. The president's approval rating is near 80 percent. He's been listening to their ideas, incorporating some tax-cut ideas. That's where the Senate comes in.

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Watch a House Republican discuss his opposition to the plan ». Story Highlights Obama meets with Congressional Republicans on economic stimulus plan Borger: Republicans sizing up Obama while he decides if he can work with them Obama could face fights with his own House Dems, Borger says Borger: Republicans can't afford to be seen as nay-sayers this early Next Article in Politics ».

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Of course, substance matters. Obama deciding whether the GOP is serious about working with him.

Borger: obama, gop on their first date

And, as icing on the cake, he cherry-picks some proposals bound to set off alarms with GOP constituencies -- all standard operating procedure from an opposition party. So what we're watching now as the stimulus package takes shape is the legislative equivalent of the first date: Republicans meeting with the new president, sizing him up. In the end, Obama could end up in fights with his own House Democrats to bring along some Republicans.

Watch Obama discuss his stimulus plan ». Sit tight, we're getting to the good stuff. After all, as he told Republicans last week, he was the one who won the election. Too much spending, and too few tax cuts, he says. Mixx Facebook Twitter Digg del. A majority of independent voters want one, too. Not just Borger the new president is popular, and not ideas because 58 percent of the public wants an economic stimulus plan. But in voting against something that might actually work, Republicans might want to remember this: They need the economy date improve just as much as the Democrats do. First, there's the House.

Why trial could take years.

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And, yes, he's also been turning some down. From psychiatrist to 'Butcher of Bosnia'.

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It's easy to say "no" for Republicans. From the Blogs: Controversy, commentary, and debate.

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And voting for the largest spending package in American history will make fiscal conservatives, both Democratic and Republican, nervous. People want to change the way Washington does business.

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If Republicans become the nay-sayers this early, they give Obama a big stick to beat them with -- and tar them as business-as-usual, partisan politicos. Share this on:.

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So they figure they can get the best of all political worlds: making their rhetorical points against something, knowing full well it will pass.