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HD is a genetically caused brain disorder that causes uncontrollable bodily movements and robs people's ability to walk, talk, eat, and think. The final result is a slow, ugly death. Children of parents with HD have a chance of inheriting the disease. There is no cure or treatment. Thanks for this blog post. Before marrying the love of my life since age 15, it never once occurred to me not to be with him because he was at risk for HD.


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Reviewed: February 28, Medically Reviewed. It can be positive if you decide to drop unrealistic expectations.

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Oftentimes the victim is motivated to make the relationship work, Leikam explains. Cognitive dissonance can result when you and your husband or wife have different views, attitudes, or behaviors.

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Health Topics. How severe the dissonance is depends on the behavior and how big of a gap there is between the behavior and your beliefs, Leikam says. The dissonance or discomfort you feel is likely not that great. It comes as no surprise then that cognitive dissonance creeps into our relationships, too.

Many women and men have a checklist of what they may be looking for in a partner — they should come from a good family, should be well-educated, should be kind.

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Or she may come up with reasons it was her fault, not his. How cognitive dissonance affects friendship, dating, and marriage, plus how it plays out in abusive relationships. Social Psychology. And sometimes dealing with and accepting a bit of dissonance helps marriages last.

How cognitive dissonance affects dating

February Harrison J. Commitment and Acceptance of Relationship Violence. Noulas says. Maybe you attended junior high together or met in a theater group in college. The conflict you feel having to leave behind friends, family, and your old routines to be with your spouse is probably greater.

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Cognitive dissonance is all around us. Similar situations occur within romantic relationships, but it can become a bit more complicated if and when the person involved is someone you see as a potential life-long partner.

How cognitive dissonance affects friendships

Editorial Sources and Fact-Checking. No relationship is off-limits — cognitive dissonance can be found in all of our social ties, from friendship to marriage. Leikam says. Health Tools.

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Cognitive dissonance also comes up in everyday friend situations. According to an article from the American Psychological Association, people in happy marriages tend to give their partner the benefit of the doubt and focus on the things that makes their spouse wonderful rather than dwelling on his or her shortcomings. American Psychological Association. Or do you go?

How cognitive dissonance affects your relationships

So you compromise in order for the relationship to work. Here are some examples.

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But things get sticky if you end up compromising your values for the sake of the marriage.