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The department confirmed the investigation to 7 Action News Wednesday afternoon while declining an interview request.


It still brings us pain.

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Joseph, according to the census. As they walked among the lakefront homes, a St. Joseph police car pulled up along the narrow, brick street.

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Civic leaders in Benton Harbor said most of the people eating or shopping in the arts district are White. Francis X. Donnelly The Detroit News.

Joseph, which sits on Lake Michigan, looks like a resort. About 1, people, half White and half Black, chanting and carrying s, walked past the slimy and shiny of their towns.

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In the same breath, they held little hope it would lead to anything. Joseph residents said they never realized how longtime policies contributed to disparities between the races.

Joseph resident who attended several Black Lives Matter rallies. Despite the high crime rate in Benton Harbor, he feels safer eating at its restaurants than the ones across the river. Benton Harbor thrived in the s with its foundries and auto parts plants providing a bounty of work. Like St. Joseph, the streets are lined with trees and decorative street lamps. Two years earlier, the nonprofits built a resort development along the northern edge of Benton Harbor.

Woman, 19, faces murder charge in crash that killed detroit man, 48

Once the plants left, they were followed by stores and then White families. Benton Harbor residents said they were heartened by the reopening of the case, that it may be a testament to improved relations between the two cities.

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The cities held a t town hall. Old warehouses and factories were converted to condos and shops.

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It still has vacant lots but offers something that is new in Benton Harbor — hope. The St. Joseph City Commission hosted several focus groups and community meetings.

The council and several nonprofits partly financed by Whirlpool pushed for economic development in Benton Harbor, believing it could spur social change. They were accompanied by state Sen. The candidates, wearing dress shirts with Pitchford adding a tie, knocked on doors and distributed literature. Disparities abound in housing, education, health care and criminal justice, said Bowens.

President Joe Biden received the most votes in St. Joe and nearly won the county, he said. Pitchford took a softer view, saying a resident might have been surprised to see someone outside during a time when the coronavirus kept most people inside. Some moved to St. When Gov. The closing of the hospital prevented future residents from saying they were born in Benton Harbor, said Hoyh. It boasts new homes and a golf course deed by Jack Nicklaus. Next to the resort is a part of downtown Benton Harbor in transformation.

He said anything less than criminal charges in the case would show the investigation was window dressing, a publicity stunt.

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On election night, he finished in a dead heat with his opponent, 3, votes apiece. We all have to make something happen. For the first time that anyone could remember, they found common ground on racial issues.

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Several local groups began discussing ways to improve relations between the races but, after limited input from some quarters, Whirlpool Corp. During the remembrance, held on a bluff overlooking the St. Joseph River, a foot sheet of kraft paper was propped against a tree.

The officer said he received a call about three suspicious men looking into the windows of homes.

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Duane Seats, 44, a pastor who is a Benton Harbor city commissioner, told the crowd that Blacks were afraid to visit St. He was a classmate of McGinnis and both liked to visit the same teen nightclub in St. Joseph continue today, he said. The first name on the list was Eric McGinnis. McGinnis, a Black teen from Benton Harbor, was last seen being chased by a White man whose car he had broken into in St.

Authorities believe he then tried to swim across the St. Joseph River or fell from a train trestle spanning the waterway. Neighborhoods are pockmarked with vacant lots and boarded-up homes.

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Rayonte Bell, 22, was running for the Berrien County Commission. McGinnis, 16, outgoing and chatty, was an only child whose mother loved to spoil him, said Mason, the longtime volunteer, who lived around the corner from him before moving to St. Organizers of the vigil read the names of each victim, followed by the ringing of a bell that was so shrill a little girl covered her ears with both hands.

The Council for World-Class Communities proposed improvements in education, health and business. It was the 30th anniversary of his passing. Bell said he was surprised but believes things are changing in the area. Police confirmed his. Benton Harbor — Like the rest of the country, the murder of George Floyd had a galvanizing impact on the neighboring cities of Benton Harbor and St. The two small towns, long separated by race, ed together for marches and discussions about institutional racism.

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Joseph that someone called the cops. Facebook Twitter. Despite the recent progress over racial relations, the McGinnis death is a reminder of how far apart the two sides remain. Joseph, mostly White and prosperous, thinks the police got it right. It contained the names of 53 residents whose murders or deaths were unsolved.

Benton Harbor looks like a mini-Detroit. Benton Harbor, mostly Black and poor, believes McGinnis was killed for dating a White woman and the cops covered it up. They also say the redevelopment has bypassed the residential neighborhoods. They began at the Berrien County Courthouse, whose jail is the first building Benton Harbor residents see when they enter St.

In October, two young Black men were campaigning in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in St. Chokwe Pitchford, 21, was running for the statehouse. His body was found in the river five days later.

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In Whirlpool opened an office complex in Benton Harbor that houses sales and finance offices. In May, several dozen people attended a yearly vigil for Benton Harbor residents whose murders and deaths remain unsolved. All the talking back and forth attacks ignorance, which is the source of much of the racial problems, he said. The so-called arts district has drawn studios, galleries, a dance center and a musical instruments store.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

The jobs drew people from all over, including Blacks from the south. Within months of the threat, locals formed an organization with ties to local businesses and governments. Brick streets are lined with potted geraniums and brightly colored awnings.

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Pitchford lost his bid for the 79th District but Bell won, becoming the first Black to represent St. Joseph on the county commission. But he was still disappointed. Among those attending the vigil was Bowens, the community activist and school board member.

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By Joseph Lichterman.


WXYZ — The Royal Oak Police Department has issued an apology to a black man who was stopped by police on Wednesday after a white woman allegedly said he was staring "suspiciously" at her.