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Get the best experience and stay connected to your community with our Spectrum News app. Learn More. But in a COVID world, all of those factors are not only amplified but just breathing the same air could be dangerous. Dating During a Pandemic A matchmaker gives her tips on how to date during a virtual pandemic world. Still, for many, the best place to be single is New York City. When you live alone and are new to the city, dating can be a source of connection.


For something a little classier take her to a show on Broadway, here are links to some great theaters in town:. With that said you can find the best nightclubs in NYC here and plenty of good bars as well so getting a hotel here would be best if you can afford it. Lastly we will cover Staten Island. We will do our best to keep up with the current nightlife scene, add new spots, and delete the closed ones but here that can be difficult. While not in this city there are more opportunities to try and pick up women in Newark as well.

Some of our favorites would be:. Obviously since it is the 21st Century online dating is going to deserve a mention.

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If you are looking for some nice, romantic, and not budget friendly bars and restaurants for a first date you could try:. You can find some of the best comedy clubs in the world here and they can make for an awesome date night. The bad news is that you might have to wait a really long time to get in and spend a whole lot of money on your night out.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On Saturdays from 11am to 6pm you can also hit up the Smorgasburg Market in Williamsburg which is loaded with all kinds of great food. If you have the money to get into the club and the game to pull one of the models then you could be in for the night of your life.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Either way it is probably best to go out early as you can avoid the longer lines and sometimes get in for cheaper. It is pretty much impossible for anywhere to follow up the great singles nightlife in Manhattan, but if you want to try to hook up with hot girls in Queens visit these bars:.

If you were interested in finding a long term relationship instead of just a quick hook up you can check out this list with more sites on DatingAdvice. Not only does it save you money but it is also a whole lot faster, you can message more girls in a matter of hours then you could approach in a month. When it comes to trying to meet single girls in New York City most of the best nightclubs in town are found in Manhattan. Once we finish talking about where to pick up women we will move on to the dating guide section.

Just stroll around Williamsburg any day or night and you should see plenty of cute girls that you can try to hook up with. Lots of young entrepreneurs were moving in, there was a vibrant singles nightlife scene, and many would tell you it was the best place for a guy to get laid in this city.

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Lets start with the positives, there are chances to meet single girls near you everywhere you turn. Whether you are looking for a romantic bar, restaurant, a cheap date idea, dates in the day, or some form of entertainment for the two of you to do we have plenty of suggestions coming up. The good news is that you will never be lacking for things to do here.

Of course in this day and age many people hate everything, and now Brooklyn is considered too hipster and not near as cool as it once was. The great thing about trying to meet girls in New York is that no matter what area of the city you are in there are always going to be lots of singles around you, Staten Island is no exception:.

There are many sites out there that can help you find your soul mate to settle down with. You surely have seen Adult Friend Finder around the internet and wondered if it was worthwhile or not right? So many people and such expensive prices can start to weigh on you after awhile.

If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in New York City and a dating guide for this massive metropolis then you are in the right spot. The bars will fill up after the closing bell, get a seat a few minutes before and let the professional ladies come to you. Some specific singles bars in Manhattan and around the East Village we really like are:. This is the prime real estate where some of the sexiest women in the world go out to see and be seen. This is one of the most expensive places in the world, your wallet will probably be empty by the time you finish the night.

Last updated on July 11th, If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in New York City and a dating guide for this massive metropolis then you are in the right spot. Spin can be a fun spot for a day date as well. You can go out at any time on any day and always find a good place to try and pick up single women or a fine date spot.

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They are easy to find, but we are going to tell you about one that is more about hooking up. If you are looking to go out and pick up girls in the Bronx there are plenty of singles bars you can visit. Trying to meet women in New York City during the day can be easy in some ways but also difficult in others. If you plan to do a lot of clubbing try to make friends with a promoter or give them some big tips to see if they can make your life a little cheaper and easier in the future.

Now you know about more than enough places to meet single girls, it is time for our New York City dating guide to begin.

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That wraps up our best places to meet girls in New York City and the dating guide, enjoy your time here. Exit your hotel or apartment, walk in any direction, the day game possibilities are endless. Table of Contents. Check out some of the links above to find out which spots fall within your budget and give it a go.

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It is much easier and more relaxing to log on to a dating site and chat with girls near you instead of having to go out and try to pick them up. Another fun place to go on a sunny day would be the Bronx Zoo. Deep Tanks Studio is only held on the 2nd Saturday of each month, and Bagatelle has some great Sunday brunches that can be good for a date or as a place to look for single girls. There are so many cafes, bars, and restaurants that will be great for a date.

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Who knows, but we still think it is a great spot to try and pick up single girls, there are plenty of awesome bars here like:. Does that sound like something you could do for them? You may want to walk around Broadway and look for a specific show that is playing now that interests you.

The first thing we want to point out is that in a city like this one the hottest nightclubs or best pick up spots can change quickly. This city can be great but it can also be a pain in the ass in some ways. Luckily there are plenty of cheaper singles bars around town that are still packed with sexy ladies who are much more attainable.

Some we recommend are:. Hanover Square around lunch time or after Wall Street shuts down is another good place. This world renowned shopping district will have plenty of locals and tourists and can be a good place to start your search.

A weekend getaway to Atlantic City could be a lot of fun for the two of you. Before we get going here is a map of the subwaymake yourself familiar with it if you are new in town. Is this really true? If you see a sexy lady anywhere go say hello and see what happens.