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In Minnesota, there are primarily four ways suspects enter the criminal justice system once accused of committing a criminal offense. Summons and Complaint : A complaint is a written document charging a defendant with criminal offense. Complaints are often mailed to defendants in cases involving non-violent or less serious criminal charges. A summons is a written notification and order to appear in court to answer the allegations in a complaint.


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Forms are available at the Family Court Self Help Center but, if you want to remove a judge or referee after the 10 day deadline has passed, you should get legal advice on whether removal is still an option for you. Case parties can view the details of their cases, but under the rules, some details may not be viewed by the general public. If there is no activity in the case within that time frame, the case will be dismissed. If the legal requirements are met and the removal is approved, the case will be reased randomly to another judicial officer.

Can I appear at a hearing by phone? Please contact the Family Court Records Center to get copies of court documents. Usually, a case can be put on inactive status one time for a period of several months or up to one year. Contact the clerk of the Judicial Officer in your case to find out if that is an option for your situation.

How do I schedule a hearing date? What can I do?

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Notice to Self-Represented Parties A Standing Order requires that all motions except "expedited" child support motions filed in Hennepin County Family Court that are prepared by people who are not represented by a lawyer must be reviewed by a Family Law Facilitator before a hearing date will be set. If you know the case name or court fileyou can look up hearing dates and times in the court records systemeither online or at the courthouse in the Family Court Records Center. If you are a party to a case, you can view case information in the online court records case events, hearing dates, etc.

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If you want to attend a different parenting education program that is not listed above, please contact the judicial officer ased to your case to find out if they will accept the certificate of attendance from that program. How do I change a hearing date?

Contact the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case to find out what is required by that Judicial Officer to reactivate the case. What should I do to prepare?

If you have a low income and cannot afford to pay court fees and costsyou may be able to get some or all of the fees and costs waived by filing a Fee Waiver also called Application for In Forma Pauperis or IFP. NOTE: Getting a fee waiver does not mean that you will never have to pay any costs or judgments in your case. Child support cases: Call the clerk for the Child Support Magistrates at Other family case types: If you are representing yourself and you want to schedule a motion hearing in an existing court case, call the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case.

Please read the instructions in the Family Court Records tab on this web. Standing Orders for Family Court ยป. The Notice of Removal must be served and filed before the start of the trial or hearing. You could call the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case.

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How can I get a transcript of a hearing? Married parents with children who file for divorce in Hennepin County and who disagree on custody or parenting time: The law in Minn. Information about paternity cases and Order for Protection cases is confidential and not available over the internet according to the law and Rules of Public Access. I missed my hearing.

The court has certified the programs listed below. What can I do if I cannot afford the filing fee? You should be prepared to file your motion papers at the filing counter immediately after you get the hearing date from the clerk. Can I bring people with me to court? DO NOT send originals to the court; keep them with your personal files and bring them to your hearing.

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Refunds of filing fees are granted only in limited circumstances with the permission of the ased judicial officer. If you need other information, you could contact the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case. How can I find information about a case?

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The judicial officer may require you to contact the other party to see if he or she will agree to the change before the hearing will be rescheduled. The Hennepin County District Court also publishes a daily calendar of court hearings on this website. How do I reactivate a case? How can I get a hearing with a judge? Can I change a hearing date? It only applies to costs specifically stated in the IFP Order ed by the judge. How can I find out when a hearing is scheduled?

Payment by credit card is accepted. For more information about family cases, please call the Family Court at How do I file documents in a Family Court case? Click the Family Court Records tab on this web to learn how to view case records at the courthouse and get copies of filed documents.

After the facilitator has screened your motion forms, you can file them with the court. Court documents cannot be viewed in MPA Remote at this time. How can I find out if a bench warrant was issued?

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If the other party has already been served and they have responded, you may not be able to withdraw the motion without the agreement of the other party or a formal written request to the court. You can get the forms at the Self Help Center. Change of venue often happens when the parties or children no longer live in Hennepin County and the parties agree to transfer venue. You can get copies of divorce decrees, custody and child support orders, and other Hennepin Family Court documents from the 4th District Records Center.

If the parties do not agree, the party who wants to change venue may bring a motion to ask for a change of venue.

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If you have not yet filed a case, but want to schedule a hearing for a family emergency, read the FAQ on family emergency listed below. Back to .

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Make check payable to: District Court Administrator. If you and the other party agree to suspend your case i. You may also access online court records case events, hearing dates, etc. If the change of venue is approved, the judge will make a written order. If it is early in the process and the other party has not been served with the motion papers, the clerk may simply cancel the hearing date and make a note that the motion is withdrawn.

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How do I suspend inactivate a case? I am late for court. How can I change remove a judge or referee in my case? I need an interpreter for court. If the other party or parties do not agree to change the date, the child support magistrate or judicial officer will decide if you have a good reason to change the hearing date. How do I get one? Closed holidays.

See Rule Child Support Hearing: To change the date for support hearing scheduled in the Expedited Process ex proyou must file a Request for Continuance form. The court will then send a "Notice of Judge Reasment" to the attorney or party listed on the Certificate s of Representation on file in the case. It is helpful if you know the court file when you contact the court. How do I file a motion in Family Court if I do not have an attorney? Yes, in some circumstances.

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Information in MPA Remote is not the "official" court record. Generally, court records are available to the public, but access to certain types records and case information is limited by the MN Rules of Public Access. If you are not a party to a case, you can access non-confidential information for cases that are open to the public e. If you have filed a motion that you now want to withdraw, contact the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case to find out if that is an option in your case.

How do I withdraw a motion I already filed? A party or attorney may serve and file a Notice of Removal to remove either a judge or referee from a Family Court case so long as the requirements in MN Rule of Civil Procedure The notice must be served and filed no later than 10 days after the party receives a notice from the court with the name of the judicial officer ased to the case.

Motion or Pre-trial Hearing: To change the date for a motion or pre-trial hearing in Family Court, you usually have to submit a written request to the clerk of the Judicial Officer ased to your case and explain the reason you need a new date.

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My case is set for trial. This form is available at the Family Court Self Help Centerand they can help you complete this process. Information about the ing judge and courtrooms is posted on the 1st floor of the Family Justice Centerlocated at South 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN Family Court Trial Booklet Want to learn about the basics of a court trial? Trial: To change a trial date i. The court accepts cash, check or money order, but not credit cards. Can I get a refund of a filing fee? If fees are not paid within five business days, your judicial officer may delay or continue your hearing when you appear in court.

How can I get a transcript from a hearing? Unmarried parents filing an action for custody or parenting time in Hennepin County : The law in Minn. Settlement of Family Court Motions If you file a motion in a family court case, the Minnesota Court Rules say that you must contact the other party within 7 days after filing the motion to talk about settling your case.

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How do I transfer a case to be filed in another county change venue? I have an emergency family situation. Many court forms are available on this website, and other are available at the Family Court Self Help Center. Or, if it is support hearing, call the clerk for magistrates at It is helpful if you have the court file for the case when you call.

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