damsel miss Lennox
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  • How old am I:
  • 21
  • My hair:
  • Flaxen
  • What is my figure features:
  • I'm slender
  • My favourite drink:
  • Vodka
  • Tattoo:
  • I have tattoos


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Now I'm sure they never advertise unless they have a 2nd that is just F2P or Premium so that if they get reported their Legendary is untouched. That's what the gold bots do. But the reality is we still have them posting everywhere.

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I could really care less if the restriction stays or go since it too me a whole 3 days as a Premium to decide i liked the game and subscribe but I really don't think it solved a thing. A player goes to one of those web sites and shell out money to buy say 10 Million in game cash.

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Log out, log back on and you get another 5 messages. Its the same principle. Then why do I need replays? Please reconsidered the freaking 5 chat limit on Free players. And yet within the same couple of days it took the spammers to discover the way around the limit in shout and say chat Really if you think about it. SasquaTAug 12, MsTickle FateAug 12, Kid MultiverseAug 12, FawkesAug 12, I agree that the dev should reconsider the 5 chat limit for free player Show Ignored Content. It kind of amazes me that that is even possible. DraconianoAug 12, While I personally could care less if the restriction gets lifted or not since we are talking a group of players that contribute nothing to the game unless you want to consider their presence adding to the lag when the servers get busy.

NOW,I dont think anyone wants u in particular to have more then 5 messages a day that we can all see. Chat is quiet from spam and its blissful so the restrictions, sad to say, need to stay.

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TrexlightAug 12, ProxystarAug 12, Fake News Khal. Share This Tweet. Thankfully it did slow them all down a bit and we are not seeing that insane spamming where three different Gold Spammers were trying to out advertise one another. TechWarriorAug 12, WilderMidnightAug 12, As others have said, get into a group with them and ask all the questions you want. KnarlydudeAug 12, How about becoming legendary and supporting the game?

Announcing the official dcuo discord!

JohnStarAug 12, Just log out and back in, and it resets. You do NOT even need to completely log off. Fatal StarAug 12, Jade RebelAug 12, I'll be that guy. Can you, the devs, please reconsidered the freaking 5 chat limit for free players, if you think the "Free Players" are the ones that are spamming, you may want to either shut off this game, or return back to Pay to play. A Premium can only carry in game cash at one time so there must be some "delivery" Spammers showing up with the cash that are Legends.

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And when this came to light I even tested it. Question that pops up in MY head So a limit of 5 posts per day can be circumvented by simply logging out for 1 minute?

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That said let's get really honest here. Why can't they use the same coding they engineered to limit replaying content on those chat restrictions?

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There has to be a group of them out there that actually are legendary although my guess is they have nothing to do with advertising THINK about it. Log in with XBL. Log in with NS. Log in with PSN. DC Universe Online Forums. First of all, as Fatal mentioned, the spammers took all of 2 maybe 3 days to figure out the way around it.

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Shouldn't every mission in game reset simply by me logging off and back on? And another thing, not all Free players are spammers.

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So the effect forces a Spammer to switch characters after a few posts.

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