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The athletic Puritan minister had borrowed money from the Putnams, a local family, and took years to pay back his loan. Depiction of the Salem Witch trials by Joseph E. Baker, published Credit: H. No fewer than six men were convicted and executed.

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But the truth about Proctor, Cory, Burroughs and the other men of Salem is just as horrifying as fiction. Proctor had spoken out vehemently against the trials—he thought the accusers were liars and had even beaten one of his servants for displaying what the town interpreted as s of witchcraft. The Putnams, the same family that harbored a grudge against Minister Burroughs, accused Willard of having killed their baby years before, when she had died at just a few months of age.

John Proctor sat in the courtroom, watching his pregnant wife, Elizabeth on the stand. One was shot to death when a girl who suffered from convulsions accused it of bewitching her.

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They accused him of witchcraft and had him dragged back to Salem, where his physical prowess a supposed symptom was used as an excuse to convict him. For days, he was tortured by the heavy weights. But soon, men like Proctor were among those being accused, sometimes by neighbors who had longstanding resentments against them.

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Due to his refusal to stand trial, Corey died in full possession of his estate, which reverted to his heirs. This stubborn refusal to stand trial—Corey did not wish to forfeit his estate to the government if convicted—horrified Salem Village; instead of waiting for him to enter a plea they decided to press him between two stones until he died. Salem Witch Trials.

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Wilkins recalled that Willard had looked at him strangely and decided he had caused the ailment. Take George Burroughs.

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Whatever the cause, mass hysteria—a collective phenomenon in which a group experiences delusions, fear and perceived threat—seems to have been part of the mix. When accusations of sorcery and other paranormal behavior began to sweep through his old town, its residents turned against their old minister.

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When he asked a local woman for medical help, she told him that his ailment was likely due to witchcraft. For the most part, the men of Salem Village were involved in blaming, trying, and convicting the young women whose unusual behavior and outlandish accusations were at the heart of the trials.

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These longstanding rivalries all led to accusations of witchcraft. The trial Of Giles Corey.

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Others refused to participate in trials or accusations—and paid the price. Were witches burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials?

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History Vault. Anothersupposedly a victim of accused men who fled from Salem before they could be tried and arrested, was put to death.

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Watching his wife withstand the heated examination was bad enough, but suddenly the tenor of the questions changed. Though he did repay it, the rivalry with the family continued and Burroughs moved out of Salem.

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Slowly, John realized that the questions the judge fired at his wife were more about his behavior than hers. Paranoia was sweeping Salem, and Elizabeth was being examined by a local judge on suspicion of witchcraft. Willard was apparently her occasional babysitter.

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Live TV. This Day In History. Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. He was hanged anyway. Recommended for you.