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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. My parents and siblings keep reminding me about the Martin case in Sanford.


Originally Posted by Samiamnh. Not good!

She was the ONLY person who we thought had any class at all and we were prepared to tip her our life savings. Also Hawaii surprisingly has some noticeable racism too, though it's directed at white people by some of the Hawaiian natives. The place wasn't crowded, the servers looked like they needed work, yet we were left standing at the entrance podium waited to be seated. I drove through some neighborhoods that had swastika flags above shops and bars. You may not be treated bad or in an overtly racist way while you are in Florida, but the racism is there.

Who gets to decide when someone else is trash? It seems there is just as interracial behavior to be dished out if the roles were reverses. A young white male, between I suppose not sure he was even legal but It was the craziest thing I'd heard in a long time and then I remembered where I was. It is free and quick. Pensacola are moving in December and I am so tired of people telling me how racist alot of people are in FL.

I dating from MN and we don't encounter anything here We visted a few times and recently and did not encounter anything there either.

Racist as hell, and all the black people work as servers, hotel housekeepers, etc, and they seem to have an inferiority complex which WE certainly don't. We are all very excited about the new adventure. The old school way of thinking was the children if any would be mixed naturally and not accepted by Black and white cultures.

I am sorry that some one made you feel that way and put you in an uncomfortable place from my Fellow Florida Citizen. It's unfortunate what you've had to encounter; but on the same token Girl, ignorance comes in all shades of color s! But white trash is everywhere, not just the South. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. Originally Posted by MDavisisme. We went to dine at a restaurant and no one wanted to wait on us.

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Eventually we were seated at a table near the bar, where all monitors were covering the election. Growing up and living in the Southeast, I can honestly say that I think the majority of people ARE NOT racist, or if they are, they keep their opinions to themselves and their mouths shut.

Originally Posted by Betsey Lane.

So sick of all this race baiting. It takes more time to undo our societies bad taste, plus you and your mate chose this life and you must have thick skin.

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In the South people care what other people think about themselves and their family. The stares, whispers, and feeling like you have to prove yourself to be respected Daytona, was so diverse on the other hand. I know it exists everywhere but good gracious Last edited by Betsey Lane; at AM. Originally Posted by m1a1mg.

But, I am getting very discouraged and don't even want to move anymore because of all the "bad" things people keep saying. I see a lot more interracial couples than anywhere else that I've been to. About a month ago. We are going back to visit Pensacola in August with the kids this time.

As soon as the bill was paid, he decided he no longer needed to "watch" us and it was safe to retreat to whatever he was doing ly. Honestly I find Florida and the South in general to be less racist than other parts of the country. But the success rate of opposite cultures does have a higher risk of failure.

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Well, I am a african american female with a caucasain hubby. Isn't "white trash" kind of like the "n"word for white people? I wish I could have inked that moment in history! Southerners, especially women, take a lot of pride in being hospitable and having good social graces.

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The waitress Open-minded and empathetic. But again those people are the minority in those places too. One of the workers in the back yelled, "It ain't my turn to seat guests!

Being racist is seen as a negative thing down here, same way as it is up north. Both have way too much urban sprawl, way too much crime, and way too much traffic. Be honest I am not totally accepted this concept due to the same reasons as I mentioned. The old white couple behind us It got so uncomfortable for my husband, he turned around and told the 70 year old guy he would come across the table if necessary.

Well, I wouldn't go that far, but let's just say we didn't feel like 2nd class citizens anymore. If you are experiencing prejudice than I apologize and just want you to know that those people are a small minority. Cocoa Beach is a small town, so news travels real fast.

Reminds me of Myrtle Beach, SC except wayyyyyyy more mixed couples and such Last edited by Betsey Lane; at PM. Originally Posted by LissaF My parents and siblings keep reminding me about the Martin case in Sanford.

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Most folk are decent. Demographics are everything Sorry for the lost post, but I wanted to be as honest and descriptive as possible. Now, I would have never let him do that NOR would he have, but it was nice to see my white husband feel this undeserved frustration. Any other time we would have left, but we were starving so we chose to stick it out. Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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Betsey Lane. Dating lived there for a few years as well. We visited nearly a month before the presidential election Obama's 2nd term and the place was so politically charged. Pensacola goes with this Puerto Rican girl I used to date. The Father Black Guy choose to leave at a very early age which left my niece more of less fatherless.

Originally Posted by FloridaPirate I used to go steady with a black girl and I never encountered any problems or prejudice from people here in Florida because of it. Perceptions are changing but will take a generation or two to interracial the acceptance you are seeking. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

The stares were endless; not stares of curiosity, but of disapproval and disappointment. Originally Posted by DT Exactly the reason why I'm moving from Atlanta to Tampa when my lease runs out in Dec. It sounds and I was not there for that poor behaviorbut you got to understand that your life style is not accepted by all. Once people saw how nice and respectful we were at the grocery stores, beach, etc, AND that we tipped well, it's like they rolled out the red carpet for us.

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We enjoyed ourselves very much and had a blast every time except in Panama CB, and I'll get to that in just a moment. I guess that's a good thing. Cocoa Beach was by far our favorite place great seafood and beautiful sandy beachesbut we had to work our way into enjoying the place initially and here's why.

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If its worth the cost t to you? We have two children.

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One guy looks at us and yells out, "I ain't voting for Obama! Originally Posted by TriStateLove.

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For all you interracial couples please shed light on this.

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