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His battle with serious medical issues in recent years showed his courage in facing life challenges with a smile. Despite the pain, Larry came out a hero and stayed strong until the end. Larry is a veteran of the Iraq War, where he earned several medals, including the Combat Action Badge. He frequently pointed out that the Army taught him the value of discipline, teamwork, and investing in a cause larger than himself. He would often explain to loved ones how these values contributed to his success as a Soldier. Larry will be honored on December 15, at Crawford-Bowers funeral home.


I loved to hear her get into it. So I'll have to be patient until the day comes When I can talk again with you.

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I need to lean on you but it looks like I can't. I remember everything about you, your voice, your smile, your touch, the way you walked, the way you talked, the way you looked at me, meant so much. Omi, you invited me in with open arms, and taught and showed me the true meaning of family. I love you so much and so dearly! She was an extremely accomplished cook and home decorator that love life to the fullest. You were inspiring the way you cooked, cleaned, and how you loved your family.

You hold Killeen special part in dating heart. Love you. Mother's aunties is slowly approaching, what are we going to, I love and miss you so much Mama!!!! So if there are roses in your garden On the shores of Jubilee Would you pick a dozen of your best And deliver them for me? She will be greatly missed as a talented chef, wife, mother, friend, grandmother and great-grandmother. My German Pride.

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I love and miss you honey 'till we meet again! You always had the answers to everything and a meaning behind things. No one will know how many times I cry and break down in a day. I lost you and I know that you were in pain but God took you too fast. So dedicated and driven! I miss you honey. She is survived by her husband Luis, her daughters, Sylvia, Kathia, Carlota, and 4 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. You meant and still mean everything to me. So many ways But Aunties have joy in knowing We'll meet again someday And we'll pick roses together Killeen the shores of Jubilee.

You are everything to me. Some days I think my heart will break That I can't persevere Some days I have to don a mask And hide beneath its veneer Some days I turn and look for you With thoughts I'd like to share Some days I just can't understand The reason you're not there Some days the sadness leaves me And my smile will reappear Some days I close my eyes because Your memory is so clear Some days I struggle to go on Just wishing you were near Most days I spend in gratitude That you were ever here.

You were so amazing and beautiful in so many ways, Sincere, giving, and loving through all of dating days. I'm not ready to let you go Off into that brilliant light. I will always love you with all my heart and soul. Without her I would not be able to love my kids or my wife, My mom who I miss so much, my brother who I need, My grandfather my most respected, and My Beautiful Aunties and Cousins.

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Although our worlds are different now Or is that just how it seems For I see you when I close my eyes Because you're always in my dreams I know you're up in Heaven And looking down on me And when I look up at the stars I know that's where you'll be. For you see, today is mothers' day And I can't visit my wife For it wasn't very long ago The angels came and took her home.

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I would not be Alive or have this Life if it wasn't for her. You are gone from me now, but one thing they can't take away, your memory resides inside my heart, and lights up my darkest days. I take you as my wife In death as I did in life, Because our love is forever. I held you close to my heart today it made me feel complete; You may have died As long as the sun shines You will live on inside of me forever. I will not hear your voice no more. I remember every moment we shared, seems like only yesterday, or maybe it was eons ago, It's really hard to say. She instilled in each of her children the importance of family, and for that we are forever grateful.

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I am lost without you, honey. I feel like we did not have time to 'talk' and have that 'good cup of coffee'. No one will know the heartache that hides behind my smile. Honey, I miss you so much I am so lonesome, here is a song for you. Margrit Elisabeth Galindo passed away Sunday, February 14, peacefully and in the comfort of her home and family. I felt your touch in the sun today as it warmth filled the sky; I closed my eyes for your embrace and my spirit soared high I saw your eyes in the window pane as I watched the falling rain; It seemed as each raindrop fell It quietly said your name.

And everyday, I miss you so much! In my heart she started it all. The choices she made in this life like Falling for Lalo, Killeen being the best Grandmother, mother, and wife she could be has created the most Beautiful Family. Gone are the days we used to share But in my heart you are always there. Every time I drink coffee I always remember your words 'Sure'.

I take you From this day forward, To love and to miss, For better or for worse, For emptiness or joyful memory, In sadness and in grief, Even after death has made us part. Even though I miss you so much You're not too far away Because my heart is aunties of memories And I'll treasure them everyday Our time on Earth was special But it's only the very start So please keep watching over me While we're not so far apart Someday the time will come When I no longer feel this pain That is the day when Heaven calls And we'll meet again.

She love flowers and spend time gardening. They say there is a reason they say time will heal Neither time or dating will change the way I feel. I thought we'd have so many more years, And so much more time to spend. Your joyful, playful spirit was such a contagious one, A minute in your presence was bursting with fun. When I lost you I wish I could see you one more time. I would not be who I am today without her. Tell her that I miss her so much In oh! Come walking through the door But I know that is impossible. Yet my heart is broken because I can't understand why someone So precious had to die!

She was so real and truthful. You were my aunties, my friend, my partner, my 'everything' And I dating you to know. I remember all the words you said to me, some funny, some kind, some wise, all of the things you did for me, I see now with different eyes. She was also a very helpful and generous person as she would help anyone or anybody with money, food or clothes without asking any questions.

Happy mothers day, day late but I just wasn't feeling it, miss you so much mama. Happy Birthday, honey, I love you so much and so dearly and I am missing you now, today, tomorrow and always!!!! I know you can feel my tears And you don't want me to cry. I wish I could hug you right now, why did you have to go? The German Queen. One of the most strongest Killeen I know.

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These days are hard without you, but this you should know, When the day comes to you in that heavenly place, A beautiful smile for the ages will be on my face! But it's too late, death has stolen you away And there's nothing left I can do.

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I love you so dearly. In lieu of flowers, please donate to stjude. The gates of memories will never close I miss you more than anybody knows. She was my best friend.

I enjoy dating with aunties.

I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face; the warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood silently in place. I'd rather have kept you here with me, And hung on with all my might. I'll always cherish the memories, I love and miss you. They tell me life's a journey That will take me many years Some days are filled with laughter And some days are filled with tears. Lord, are there roses in your garden On the shores of jubilee Would you pick a dozen of your best And deliver them for me?

She love to entertain and make her family happy especially during the holidays.

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And The home on North 20th street. She also crocheted and sew lovely curtain, dresses. I wasn't finished with my "I love yous," I had a million more to go. I want you to know that you are so wonderful to think about but so very difficult to live without.

I love you so much, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always! Would you take them to my beautiful wife And tell her that I love her. I just loved to be around her. There's so much left unspoken, Too soon for our conversation to end.

Sometimes I even put a little bit of coffee on your cup! All of it.