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If you are looking for a unique baby name for your baby boy, have you considered an original Hawaiian name? Historically, the names for a new baby were chosen by elders of the community. A lot of consideration was given to the meaning of the baby name within the island.


The name is used to refer to a shark and is typically a Hawaiian way of adapting a name with Spanish origins. You have a long list of names to get through that are quite famous and also understood in the Hawaiian language.

Strong hawaiian baby boy names and meanings

Hawaiian mythology also uses Kahuna to refer to experts in any profession, for example, sorcerers, priests, ministers, etc. Can also be spelt as Kavikani. It is said Kahiko had the power of speaking and was blessed by the Hawaiian Gods to take control from the Chief who shirked his duties. It is also the way the locals would adopt the name Henry to their culture. September 18, Gauri Ratnam - August 12, During pregnancy, certain hormonal changes occur in your body to make your pelvic muscles more flexible to ease childbirth.

And, like all mothers with sons, you are right on the mark when you want one that is Hawaiian, sounds exotic and a unique baby name! Sure your son is unique and what better way to say it than saying in Hawaiian that he is the one with an ocean of knowledge and uniqueness. Names with the Hawaii origin are meaningful and perfect for the parents who want to give a direction to their sons. It is a rare name which in Hawaiian means the young flower bud.

The most popular Hawaiian names for baby boys are inspired by the sky, fire, land and the sea. Preeti Naugain - April 9, Starry Cake Pops February 18, Dudh Pohe Recipe February 4, Saluting Fitness Gurus! Tropical names for boy babies are a tad more cultural here. For for, Kaleo, Kalua, Kana, Kamuela, etc. Here are some more Hawaiian names for you to looking for your bundle of joy. You boy even spell it Kaylon.

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Adorable hawaiian names for baby boys

It is the very first gift any parent could give to their precious bundle of joy. This Hawaiian term draws inspiration from the Sky God and his qualities. Here are some more meaningful Hawaiian names for young boys. Last Updated on August 6, Hawaii, one of the states in the USA, has been able to retain its history, culture, folklore and traditions. Kamalei is used for an adorable son or child and is also an endearment.

The devout Christian Hawaiians use this name for baby boys.

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The name has Hawaiian origins and connotes a winner who is full of victory. Sometimes, this relaxation can become Importance of Family Therapy August 12, August 12, The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. They are supposedly the parents of all ruling chieftains in Hawaii.

in. Who says traditional Hawaiian boy names are not cute? A unique and very apt name for a baby boy. In Hindi, it means one who walks alone. Baby Baby Names. Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. All rights reserved.

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He is supposed to have bound the sun to slow it down. The name refers to the battlefield and is used to ify the one who is victorious at the battle place. The name refers to a demigod from the Island of Maui who supposedly became a rope and covered the stretch from Hawaii to Molokai.

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This Hawaiian name is a form of adaption of the name Anthony. You will find a lot of boys named after the elements like water, islands, warriors, Hawaiian deities, and names urging them to grow up brave, strong, healthy, sunny and full of grit. This name is used to denote the Hawaiian Thunder God.

This Hawaiian name means strength and is used for the one who is born strong and healthy.

Boy shirts

Happy name hunting! This name denotes nobility and is used to address the Chief in the Hawaiian dialect. Remember the biblical Esau and Jacob in the Bible? Should you have any concerns about your health, or of that of your baby or child, please consult with your doctor. The name is preferred by most expectant mothers. This name with Hawaiian origin means to be the clever or intelligent one. In Hawaiian, this is the name for a caring individual or the one who is selfless.

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It is also common to choose island names for the baby boys. This Hawaiian name means the one who is a favourite friend or beloved buddy. The Hawaiian term for style makes a unique name for your baby boy. The name is similar to Noah and means born beautiful and blessed in Hawaiian.

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Expecting twins? And, over twenty of the Kahuna are just healers! The Hawaiin origins use beauty to describe both male and female and refer to inner beauty mostly. It is a suitable name for baby boys born at dawn or in the East. In This Article. Most names are amenable to a quick tweak and are gender-neutral too.

No, it does not mean Kilogram! You can also use Keoni. You can spell it as Kyle or Kayle. Kamaka is an endearment for a dear child and means the loved child. Named after a deity who was the husband of Mother Earth called Papahanaumoku.

Beautiful hawaiian baby names

Like Kaipo is a Hawaiian name used as an endearment and means my beloved, my darling, etc. FirstCry Parenting. Beauty is an inner dimension and the name of the meaning is perhaps what expectant mothers love most. This name of Hawaiian origin refers to the refined gentleman who is as elegant as the sweet honey. Forgot your password? Names with Kai ify the sea in Hawaiian. It is a variant of the Greek name Troy.

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This Hawaiian name means to beg and implore. Get help.

Top beautiful hawaiian boy names

Another famous name is Keanu, meaning a cooling breeze, which gained more popularity after the actor Keanu Reeves hit stardom. Password recovery.

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The Hawaiians also use it to ify a rock or a stone. A Hawaiian name that means praiseworthy and admirable while being short, cute, and unique. A typical name from Hawaiian folklore about the Fire God deity who created the Hawaiian Islands by tricking his brothers to fish the land out of the ocean. This name is used to denote the master of the house.

Endearments are also used as names in Hawaii.

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This name was used during the times of the irresponsible Chief Waia. Go ahead and look for some Hawaiian inspiration. The term also symbolizes physical strength.

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Are you looking for a list of Hawaiian baby names?


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