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Bass left Sydney on 3 December in an open whaleboat, with a crew of six, sailing south and tracing the coast as far as present-day Westernport, Victoria. Flinders worked on his charts and the scientists went exploring. Banks agreed and was a very active project sponsor; he oversaw all the details of preparation, supported Flinders when difficulties arose with the Admiralty, and chose the scientific staff.

Flinders traced the coasts of the australian continent and produced the first complete map of australia. he was the first person to use ‘australian’ to describe the inhabitants of this land.

Immense cliffs, 90 metres in height, overshadowed the tiny Investigatorwith its mainmast only 30 metres high. He was shown hospitality by the Governor, Philip Gidley King. Flinders was pleased with his achievements and wrote to his wife that he was now a person of some consequence.

Matthew Flinders was born in Lincolnshire on 16 March at the market town of Donington. Trim, Flinders' intrepid cat, who would until his death in share all of his master's extraordinary exploits. In AugustBligh was setting out on a second expedition.

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A total of 88 men set sail on Investigator. Bass was a physically imposing person; a man of action who had come to the Colony with exploration very much in mind.

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Henrietta Flinders worked in Pasley's household as a governess. The interior of New South Wales was a complete mystery to the colonists. There was also the opportunity of prize money, other remuneration, and the chance of fame. In FebruaryFrancis was sent to the Furneaux Islands, south of the mainland coast, to salvage goods from a wrecked cargo ship at Preservation Island.

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Flinders also came to the view that a strait existed. Matthew Flinders speculated about an inland sea, an idea that beguiled explores for the next 50 years. Reduced provisions forced a reluctant return but Bass was convinced by the tides and swells that they were in a strait. The ship was repaired and painted. Flinders had written to Banks, seeking support to mount an expedition that would complete the European discovery, and charting of, Australia. Freeman's Studio undertook minor restoration of the miniature in According to notes compiled by an earlier Library officer a circlet was made for the miniature in this was then strengthened with the addition of a gold circlet in An engraving after this miniature was published in "The Naval Chronicle forfrom July to December, vol.

Samuel Flinders Matthew's younger brother was second lieutenant, and his cousin, John Franklin later to be lieutenant-governor of Tasmania and a famed Arctic explorer was midshipman. He was a multilingual intellectual who had brought with him a substantial library of books, reflecting wide interests.

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He named nothing after himself. This idea now only needed to be proven by sailing right around the island of Tasmania.

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On 7 Septemberafter a two-year voyage, Flinders again ed Pasley, this time on Bellerophon. Their skins were made into caps for the sailors. It was sensible for Flinders to look towards the Royal Navy as a career. Bungaree, a member of the Sydney-district Eora people, accompanied him to assist with communicating with Aboriginal peoples.

Flinders was taken on board Scipio in Mayaged 16, a little older than was usual for entry to the Navy. Patronage, of a sort, had eased his way. By 18 January they were at the sea edge of what would later be named the Nullarbor Plain. It served Bass and Flinders on a voyage that saw a shipwreck and a tense encounter with some Aboriginal people.

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The current miniature case is one of a type used by Freeman's Studio, Sydney, between the s and the s. Flinders and Bass headed south on Norfolkfollowing the northern coast of Van Diemen's Land westward. Flinders, Bass and a crew of eight set out on Norfolk on 7 October to settle the matter of the strait.

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Neither the artist nor the date of the original is given. The next ificant landmark sighted was the St Vincent Gulf. Two abiding concerns ran through Flinders' life. On 3 January they sailed for Port Jackson, having proven Tasmania was an island.

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The next year he had his only experience of naval warfare when he saw action, against the French, in the English Channel at the Battle of the Glorious First of June. The pre construction of the miniature can be seen in an undated copy photoprint at Frame no. Over a week was spent at Port Lincoln and Flinders' chart of it was not superseded until Leaving Port Lincoln on 6 March, they proceeded north to see if the body of water might lead to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Also on board was the faithful Trim — now aged four — the first cat to circumnavigate Australia. They spent 17 days there: Flinders surveying the port, Bass making excursions into the countryside. He traced the coasts of the Australian continent, proving that the east, New South Wales, was the same land mass as the west, New Holland. Kangaroo Island, named by Flinders, was sighted on 20 March and 31 kangaroos were shot, providing much needed fresh meat for steaks and soup.

They sailed west from Port Dalrymple along an uncharted coast. In JulyGovernor Hunter instructed Matthew Flinders to sail north as far as Hervey Bay, near Bundaberg in present-day Queensland, to locate any rivers which would allow entrance to the inland. Flinders concentrated on charting and Bass explored on land, describing the animals, plants, and geological formations encountered.

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He also splattered the map with the names of those who had assisted him, those who could still be of service, those who sailed with him, as well as family and friends. There was one other 'crew' member on Norfolk.

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He wanted to be independent and he wanted to make a difference to the world he lived in. The land behind could not be seen.

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Flinders learnt practical and chart making under Bligh, the master seaman, but thought the captain took credit for his work. GPO 2 - you can go to this image through the related works field of this record. Matthew Flinders ed the crew, thinking of promotional opportunities, with his year-old brother, Samuel. They then headed south around the north-west cape and sailed down the west coast in four days before sailing along the south coast, spending time in the south-east at Frederick Henry Bay and the Derwent estuary.

It is a tribute to Sir Joseph Banks' influence and persistence that, in the midst of war with France, ificant funds and effort were diverted to planning and equipping the Investigator voyage. While Bass was away, Flinders carried out survey work while on the colonial schooner Francis. He produced the first complete map of Australia. Thomas Pasley recommended Matthew Flinders to the famous William Bligh, now bathing in the glory of his heroic voyage of in Bounty's longboat.

The Reliance reached Sydney on 7 September There was a colonial population of only people, two thirds of whom were convicts, which was divided between Sydney Cove and Parramatta. On 20 February, they anchored at the entrance to what would later be named Spencer Gulf. This was a major discovery.

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His life was one of high professional achievement balanced by bitter personal tragedy. Flinders chose an all-volunteer crew and was given the best of stores and al instruments. When Baudin left Le Havre, France, in Octoberhe was in charge of one of the best equipped voyages of discovery ever mounted.

He had been introduced to Scipio's commander, Thomas Pasley, by his cousin. Although the coast features many rivers, Flinders did not locate any of these and he told the Governor that none existed. He was again attempting what Fletcher Christian's mutiny had prevented: to transfer breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies as a cheap food for slaves working on plantations. His aim was similar to Flinders' — to complete the charting of Australia, as well as investigate people, plants, animals and minerals of the largely unexplored land.

Hopes were dashed when the impressive gulf ended in a salty swamp.

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Bass had brought his tiny boat with him on Relianceit was 'about eight feet keel and five feet beam' approximately 2. It was a fine harbour with good soil, fresh water, and a plentiful supply of food such as kangaroos and swans. His detention by the French on Mauritius for six and a half years separated him from his wife, Ann, delayed the publication of his charts, and effectively finished his career at He died a painful death at just At some point, at least before when it was noted as being separate from the miniature, a piece of card - cut to the size of miniature - was presumably used as some kind of backing or support.

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He experienced life in some exotic locations and in Torres Strait first witnessed a hostile encounter with Indigenous peoples. Matthew Flinders proved that Tasmania was an island and produced its first map. It is now kept with the miniature.

Flinders sailed again on Norfolkwith his brother, Samuel now a year-oldand a crew of eight. Many of his men were ill and they were given medical attention. Governor Hunter named the strait after Bass, at Flinders' suggestion. Matthew Flinders spent ten weeks in Sydney from May The Investigator was moored near the present-day Sydney Opera House, with a camp established on shore nearby. The Navy promoted on merit and, on the promotional ladder, sailors acquired a regular income and a pension scheme. They were away nine days and traced the Georges River about 32 kilometres further inland, extending the existing knowledge of the colonists.

Another Tom Thumb of similar size was constructed in the colony.

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After overcoming a period of hardship, the fledgling colony began to celebrate the anniversary of this date with great fanfare and it eventually became commemorated as Australia Day.