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Not all attorneys try cases to a jury. It is a specialized skill. Jury trials require ample preparation time and are not for the faint of heart. When going before a jury on a criminal case, oftentimes our clients are faced with the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in prison.


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But most trials involve multiple issues and take several days. For example, one of the major issues that couples fail to agree about is the division of retirement and pension assets. Consult a qualified Oklahoma family law attorney for advice regarding legal aspects of family law matters or divorce in Oklahoma.

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Picking your battles may be important. There are precise rules of the court regarding procedure and evidence. It can be tempting to let a claim for those assets slide, but if you have been married for a long time and your spouse has a pension, you may have a right to part of that pension.

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Tulsa Divorce Attorney. If the trial involves one issue, it may last one day. No jury is involved. Your attorney will need to prepare trial briefs, evidence, subpoena witnesses, and interview witnesses.

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The outcome of a trial will affect your life for years to come. Sometimes, the judge asks questions directly of the witnesses. Trials take several days and are expensive.

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Because so much is at stake in a trial, always get help from a qualified Tulsa divorce lawyer. Judges run their courtrooms differently.

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Get an experienced, reliable Tulsa divorce attorney on your side. Search This Site Search for:. At the end of the trial, the judge will rule on the outstanding issues. Tell us about your family law matter:.

Then each side may call witnesses and the other side may cross-examine the witnesses. We Deliver Confidence. Usually, a judge will take the matter into advisement and will review all evidence submitted by the parties at trial before making a ruling. Some judges will try to resolve these issues even the morning of trial.

When the divorcing couple is not able to settle one or more issues such as property division, then the court must do so before a final Oklahoma divorce decree is issued. Divorce of Tulsa Law Office W. Information presented on this Web site is not legal advice.

All this trial prep may begin as early as a month before the actual trial. If you are facing a Tulsa, Oklahoma divorce trial, that means that you and your spouse were not able to settle all of the issues in your divorce. At trial, each side makes an opening statement. If the issues are substantial, it makes sense to go to trial. Evidence is admitted via witness testimony.

It is not unusual for a judge to hold the trial conference several weeks before the trial date, and then make an attempt or several attempts to resolve outstanding issues as the trial date approaches. For a free confidential consultation, call now. Some judges prefer to deal with settlement negotiations and conferences separately from the trial conference. Some judges combine a trial conference with a settlement conference to see if the parties have made any headway in resolving outstanding issues.

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Your attorney will also need to review all the pleadings and discovery, all the financial disclosures made by the parties if the outstanding issues involve finances, and any deposition testimony taken. The ruling then becomes part of the final decree of divorce. When marriage plans unravel, get the best legal counsel available.

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This is usually done at a trial conference before the actual trial occurs. A no-cost initial consultation can help determine whether the Divorce of Tulsa Law Office can provide the best Tulsa divorce lawyer for your family law matter. While this all seems simple and straight forward, a trial is complicated.

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