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Chester A. Correspondence, diaries, reports, legal and financial papers, organizational records, lectures, writings, scrapbooks, printed matter, memorabilia, and other papers relating to Barton's work to provide relief services during the Civil War and the Franco-Prussian War, the work of the American National Red Cross which she founded, and the National First Aid Association of America.

A large portion of the papers consists of correspondence grouped into family, general, and special correspondence files.

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Manuscript Division materials in the collections listed below are available as digital images or as searchable text. The full collection in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress represents well over 10, items stemming from the history of the American Colony, a non-denominational utopian Christian community founded by a small group of American expatriates in Ottoman Palestine in Comprising approximatelyitemsimagesthe collection relates to the formation of local unions, meetings, charters, bylaws, ethics, publicity, arbitration, AFL's political principles, communism, socialism, anthracite coal strikes of andfund-raising, boycotts, and the United Mine Workers, American Railway Union, International Association of Machinists, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and American Federationist, the AFL's magazine.

Included are family correspondence, general correspondence, speeches and writings, a legal file, financial papers, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, and research notes of Dickinson's biographer, Giraud Chester. Other holdings include letters and diaries documenting women's everyday existence and revealing women's hopes, disappointments, and accomplishments.

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James Buchanan and Harriet Lane Johnston Papers The papers of James Buchananrepresentative and senator of Pennsylvania, secretary of state, and fifteenth president of the United States, and those of his niece and White House hostess Harriet Lane Johnston contain approximately 1, items dating from to Carrie Chapman Catt Papers The papers of suffragist, political strategist, and pacifist Detroit Love Chapman Catt span the yearswith the bulk of the material dating from to Online collection consists of approximately 9, items 11, imagesmost of which were digitized from 18 microfilm reels.

With dating 25, items about 75, digital imagesthe papers contain correspondence, articles, lectures, speeches, book manuscripts, transcripts of Adolf Eichmann's trial proceedings, notes, and printed matter pertaining to Arendt's writings and academic career. Jubal Anderson Early Papers The papers of United States and Confederate army officer, lawyer, and Virginia state legislator Jubal Anderson Early consist of 18s, items 5, images in 18 containers.

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, This presentation documents the historical formation and cultural foundations of for movement to conserve and protect America's natural heritage, through books, pamphlets, government documents, manuscripts, prints, photographs, and motion picture footage drawn from the collections of the Library of Congress.

The collection contains incoming correspondence with attachments, notes, carbon copies of outgoing letters from Coolidge or one of his secretaries, telegraph messages, appointment books, and names and addresses of White House guests. Prosperity and Thrift: The Coolidge Era and the Consumer Economy, This collection assembles a wide array of Library of Congress source materials from the s that document the widespread prosperity of the Coolidge years, the nation's transition to a mass consumer economy, and the role of government in this transition.

Included among Bell's papers are s from his experimental notebook from March 10,describing the first successful experiment with the telephone, during which he spoke through the instrument to his assistant the famous words, "Mr.

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John Carvel Arnold Papers The papers of laborer and Union soldier John Carvel Arnold consist of items images in one container and span the yearswith the bulk dating from to Army, relating chiefly to his views on the military situation in Virginia and Marylandarmy rations and pay, the Confederates, Copperhead Democrats, family finances, and his wife's difficulties in maintaining a home and educating the children. Salmon P. Chase span the yearswith the bulk of the material originating between and They consist of approximately 12, items, most digitally scanned from 38 microfilm reels.

It is particularly strong in advertising and mass-marketing materials and will be of special interest to those seeking to understand economic and political forces at work in the s.

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Are we alone? The Harry A. The collection spans the years with the bulk concentrated from to Selected materials from the collection -- including the hour oral history video interviews and associated transcript -- have been digitized and are now publicly available online.

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Specialists representing the commission made similar visits to other nations and reported their findings. Anna Dickinson Papers The papers of lecturer, reformer, actress, and author Anna Elizabeth Dickinson span the periodbut are chiefly concentrated in the years from to The collection consists of approximately 10, items 20, imagesmost of which were digitized from 25 microfilm reels. The collection reflects Catt's steadfast dedication to two major ideals--the rights of women, particularly the right to vote, and world peace.

With few exceptions, the collection consists of official or semiofficial records generated by departments of the Confederate government and their agents. Also included are a typescript of summaries and transcripts of the bulk of the diaries prepared dating the donor of the collection, C. Weaver, and a scrapbook of newspaper clippings. The collection documents Franklin's diplomatic roles as online colonial representative in London and France, for he sought to win recognition and funding from European countries during the American Revolution, negotiated the treaty with Britain that ended the war, and served as the first United States minister to France.

Nathan W. Danielsspanning the yearsconsist of three volumes of a handwritten diary with photographs, illustrations, and newspaper clippings mounted throughout the text. Freedom's Fortress: The Library of Congress, This presentation tells the history of the Library of Congress during a particularly important period.

Both include a wide array of important and rare books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings. Included are diaries, correspondence, speeches and articles, subject files, and miscellaneous items, including photographs and printed matter.

Held in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division, these papers constitute the largest collection of original Coolidge documents in the world. The Frederick Douglass Papers at the Library of 18s The papers of the nineteenth-century African-American abolitionist who escaped from slavery and then risked his own freedom by becoming an outspoken antislavery lecturer, writer, and publisher contain approximately 7, items 38, images relating to Douglass' life as an escaped slave, abolitionist, editor, orator, and public servant.

This presentation contains correspondence, scientific notebooks, journals, blueprints, articles, and photographs documenting Bell's invention of the telephone and his involvement in the first telephone company, his family life, his interest in the education of the deaf, and his aeronautical and other scientific research. The digitized collection documents Freud's founding of psychoanalysis, the maturation of psychoanalytic theory, the refinement of its clinical technique, and the proliferation of its Detroit and critics.

Established by the Aldrich-Vreeland Act ofthe National Monetary Commission was created in order to study banking and currency operations at home and abroad and to suggest changes in American practices. Donated by her niece, Lucy E.

Anthony, the papers relate to Susan B. Anthony's interests in abolition and women's education, her campaign for women's property rights and suffrage in New York, and her work with the National Woman Suffrage Association, the organization she and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded in when the suffrage movement split into two rival camps at odds about whether to press for a federal women's suffrage amendment or to seek state-by-state enfranchisement.

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Spanning the yearsthe bulk of which were created after the Civil War, the collection includes correspondence, diaries, military papers, speeches and articles, clippings, a scrapbook, printed matter, and maps relating to his military, legal, and political careers. American Colony in Jerusalem This presentation features letters, scrapbooks, photograph albums, and other documentation from Part I of the American Colony in Jerusalem Collection. Confederate States of America Records The records of the Confederate States of America span the yearswith the bulk of the material concentrated in the periodduring the Civil War in America.

Watson--Come here--I want to see you. The departments of state, justice, treasury, navy, war, and the post office are represented, along with material relating to the president, congress, and constitution. Transcripts of interviews with U. These elements are crucial to understanding the full story of how a structure of stable relationships that maintained world peace and protected U. The interviews in the collection are mostly with Foreign Service Officers but there also are some with political appointees and other officials.

The papers also document Franklin's work as a scientist, inventor, and observer of the natural world. Susan B. Anthony Papers The papers of reformer and suffragist Susan B. Anthony span the period with the bulk of the material dating from to The collection, consisting of approximately items 6, images on seven recently digitized microfilm reels, includes correspondence, diaries, a daybook, scrapbooks, speeches, and miscellaneous items.

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The collection includes nearly selections from twelve collections of personal papers and two collections of institutional papers from the Manuscript Division. How ificant are we? Donald Benham Civil War Collection The Donald Benham Civil War Collection consists of items images in one container, and spans the years towith the bulk dating from to The collection consists of correspondence, financial and legal records, military orders and records, speeches, and miscellaneous items comprising Civil War material amassed by collector Donald Benham.

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The presentation was not only a highlight of what is on view in this major black history exhibition, but also a glimpse into the Library's vast African-American collections. Also obtained were the records of women's voluntary associations and national reform and trade organizations founded and supported by women. Breneman Family Collection of Early American Manuscripts Correspondence, oath of allegiance, notes, certificates, and other papers pertaining to colonial Pennsylvania, the American Revolution, and the experiences of German immigrants in the mid- to late-eighteenth century Pennsylvania.

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Benjamin Franklin Papers The papers of statesman, publisher, scientist, and diplomat Benjamin Franklin consist of approximately 8, items spanning the years towith most dating from the s and s. The collection relates to the formation of the government of the Confederacy and the conduct of its internal, external, and military affairs. Nelson W. Aldrich Papers The files,of the National Monetary Commission 2, items; 4, images from the papers of U.

Aldrich are part of a larger collection available for research use onsite in the Manuscript Reading Room of the Library of Congress.

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Blackwell Family Papers The Blackwell Family Papers span the yearswith the bulk of the material dating from to Consisting of approximately 29, items 58, imagesmost of which were digitized from 76 reels of microfilm, the collection predominantly represents two generations of the Blackwell family and twenty individual family members. Please read about copyright restrictions before making use of these documents. Material created prior to the Civil War reflects Early's years as a cadet at the United States Military Academy, his army service, law practice, and Virginia political activities.

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Aldrich and other members of the commission visited England, France, and Germany to consult with experts and collect data. Calvin Coolidge Papers The papers of John Calvin Coolidgethirtieth president of the United States, consist of approximatelydocumentsimages.

The histories describe the informant's family education, income, occupation, political views, religion and mores, medical needs, diet and miscellaneous observations. Papers relating to Early's experiences during the Civil War include items concerning his participation in the battles of First Bull Run and Williamsburg, the Gettysburg Campaign, and the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of The collection includes correspondence relating primarily to political issues such as slavery, Compromise ofFugitive Slave Law ofKansas-Nebraska Act, John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, and congressional politics.

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The Hannah Arendt Papers at the Library of Congress The papers of the author, educator, and political philosopher Hannah Arendt are one of the principal sources for the study of modern intellectual life and constitute a large and diverse collection reflecting a complex career. Parts of the collection and the finding aid are available for public access on the Internet. What is the structure of the universe? The collection includes a report prepared by Frederick Law Olmsted in and a private souvenir album documenting the Harriman Alaska expedition. The papers span the years towith the bulk of the material from to The collection consists of correspondence, speeches and articles by Douglass and his contemporaries, a draft of his autobiography, financial and legal papers, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous items.

Many facets of Freud's life and work are reflected, including his early medical and clinical training; his relationship with family, friends, colleagues, students, and patients; his association with early psychoanalytic societies; his perspectives on analytical training; and his numerous writings. The Library of Congress collection includes 2, documents representing the work of over writers from 24 states. Oland Bourne Papers The papers of reformer, poet, editor, and clergyman William Oland Bourne span the yearswith the bulk of the material concentrated in the period As editor of the periodical The Soldier's FriendBourne sponsored a contest in in which Union soldiers and sailors who lost their right arms by disability or amputation during the Civil War were invited to submit samples of their penmanship using their left hands.

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