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Evan Thompson and Tianna Foster-Thompson, a young married couple, find a brief pause together after the picnic on the Colorado River rafting trip. Rally-goers look up at Enoch Foster, who is standing on top of a trailer, as he goes over rafting safety and logistics before leading a prayer. Heidi Foster takes a brief break during the rafting trip. Foster has advocated for more lenient polygamy laws with Utah legislators.


Although Walker had informed Utah state prosecutors about Holm, they didn't indict him on criminal charges until after Walker allowed Phoenix TV reporter Mike Watkiss to interview Stubbs. The jury sentenced Jeffs to life in a Texas prison, adding another 20 years as a kind of exclamation point. Five minutes into the recording, Jeffs' droning prayers were accompanied by the sound of rustling clothing.

The jurors stared at the images, openly dreading what they were about to hear. The mugshots of Allan Eugene Keate, Abram Jeffs, Fredrick Merril Jessop and Leroy Johnson Steed, who -- along with the seven men pictured on the cover -- were convicted in Texas of either sexual abuse ofor bigamy or related crimes, in the last three years.

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The federal government forced the Mormon Church to publicly abandon polygamy in the s, passing laws that threatened the church's power and refusing to grant Utah statehood unless polygamy was abandoned. The prevailing attitude in Arizona, where nearly 6 percent of the residents are Mormon three times the national averageis similar.

Evangelical Christian groups across the country, and the Salt Lake City-headquartered Mormon Church, are waging a fierce political war against another unconventional form of marriage -- pushing states to ban gay marriage and even urging constitutional amendments against it.

And following a well-established pattern, most authorities in Utah, the state with the longest relationship with the sect, have responded with tolerance rather than polygamy. Three other news operations, including USA Todayuncovered just one such prosecution or none at all. The most widely accepted estimate -- made by Kathryn Daynes, a Brigham Young University professor, and other experts -- is that the U.

That church's founder, Joseph Smith, had 27 known wives Arizona many overs, some dating as young as 13, when he inspired the church's rapid initial growth in the early s in the Midwest.

Each year, mormon fundamentalists gather on a remote slice of southeastern utah.

And David Leavitt -- whose brother, Michael, served as Utah's governor from to -- lost his re-election bid for county prosecutor; he said later the case "cost me my job. InStubbs, who was pregnant at the dating, fled to Phoenix, Ariz. Both Shurtleff and Leavitt -- like most of the police, judges and prosecutors who deal with polygamy in Utah -- are devout Mormons descended from polygamists; both had attended school with polygamists or knew some personally; and both hesitated to prosecute a "lifestyle choice.

He excommunicated less-loyal husbands, sometimes dozens at once, "reasing" their wives, children and property to those he thought he could trust. Then came a rhythmic heavy breathing that no adult could misunderstand; it went on and on. They raked in millions of polygamy from construction, manufacturing, agriculture, logging and other church-owned businesses. Most of those children and adults simply returned to Short Creek Arizona, and the bad publicity ended many of the anti-polygamists' careers, along with Pyle's ambitions for the presidency.

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When the FLDS went to court in Utah to get custody of Stubbs' children -- a common tactic that intimidates women into returning to the sect, or prevents them from fleeing in the first place -- Stubbs received pro bono help from Tucson attorney Bill Walker. Rod Holm, a Short Creek Arizona -- badged in both Hildale and Colorado City -- already had two wives and 18 children when he "married" year-old Ruth Stubbs in Stubbs later described a lifestyle that echoed the s of other FLDS women who escaped.

Photographs projected on an enormous courtroom screen showed a freckle-faced, year-old redhead, bundled head-to-toe in the trademark FLDS pioneer-style dress and caught in an awkwardly posed embrace with her 6-footinch, year-old "husband. The polygamist families were shown in a romanticized, golden light: the wives in dating prairie dresses, the healthy-looking children frolicking. Arizona's stance is only slightly tougher. Despite the sect's wealth, more than 80 percent of the people in its tribe-sized families received various forms of federal and state assistance. The most aggressive action either state ever took against polygamists occurred back inwhen Arizona Gov.

Three buslo of accompanying journalists framed the story differently, describing it as a heavy-handed government separating devout adults from wailing children in cardboard shoes. Jeffs also manipulated Short Creek's gender balance to make sure there were enough unattached women and girls to serve polygamy loyal men. He was extradited to Utah to face charges related to rape. George that helps victims of polygamy.

Eventually, according to court documents, Warren Jeffs controlled every aspect of his followers' lives, down to the and colors of crayons allowed in each house in Short Creek. Holm is on trial.

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Jeffs had wielded increasing power for years, while his father, Rulon Jeffs, was ostensibly in charge. Both of those prosecutors concluded that the child brides and welfare fraud made the Green case impossible to ignore. He "plucked," as he called it, younger and younger girls from the FLDS ranks. George jury convicted Holm of unlawful sexual conduct and bigamy inbut his sentence was even lighter than Green's: one year of work release that allowed him to leave jail during the daytime, handed down by Utah State Court Judge G.

Rand Beacham. Prosecutors handled the recording gingerly, as if they feared to touch it. That day, it seemed like the head had been cut off the FLDS snake. The questions are impossible to avoid: How has Utah and Arizona's cultural acceptance of the illegal practice of polygamy created a habitat for the much more serious crimes of the most extreme polygamists? Although those crimes seem less common now, bizarre allegations continue: involuntary "reasments" of women to new husbands, the intimidation of children, book burnings, assaults and kidnappings by "God squ" composed of religious vigilantes and Short Creek's state-certified police force, and so on.

Few photos showed the men in charge, and any mention of crimes or court battles was outweighed by positive spin. A reality-TV show called Sister Wives -- which chronicled the lives of Nehi, Utah, polygamist Kody Brown, his four wives and their 17 children -- has also been popular since its debut; recently dating group moved to Nevada, but they're still doing their thing. Ordered to marry Holm, she had to ask permission to do the simplest errands. Prosecutors had charged Warren Jeffs Arizona leader of the nation's most notorious polygamous sect, the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints -- with sexually assaulting two underage girls in the group's Texas compound.

He served five years Arizona prison. Young established a powerful theocracy dating called "Deseret," and later became the first governor of the federally recognized Utah Territory. He himself had an estimated 90 wives, including 27 of his father's, whom he married within weeks of the old man's death.

At one point, Jeffs, panting, asked the girl if she "liked it. And like his father, he used young girls as currency to reward his most loyal followers, asing each of them up polygamy 30 wives. People magazine had treated the sect similarly in a cover story. Utah Attorney General Polygamy Shurtleff -- a devout Mormon who has polygamists in his family tree -- has been hesitant to prosecute people who engage in that "lifestyle choice.

For weeks, spectators whispered that the prosecutors possessed a vivid "rape tape" from When the audio recording was finally produced, however, no amount of preparation could buffer the shock. No matter how many men Jeffs expelled, it didn't solve the sect's math problem, so he began banishing boys as young as 12, ordering their parents to drop them off in the desert or the streets of Las Vegas.

TV shows like Sister Wives and major magazines have romanticized polygamy -- in stark contrast to what is revealed in the courtroom trials of FLDS leaders.

Modern polygamy: arizona mormon fundamentalists seek to shed stereotypes

Walker was alarmed by the sympathetic statements that a Utah state court judge -- James Shumate in St. George, the city nearest to Short Creek -- issued from the bench: gratuitous, folksy homilies about family honor that implied that Stubbs was unbalanced, rather than Holm.

The idea is treated so casually that Utah brewpubs sell Polygamy Porter, a popular dark ale. The sound quality was poor, but the packed courtroom hung on every word. Little action has been taken since then. Fifteen excruciating minutes later, several jurors were in tears; others gripped their chairs in white-knuckled disbelief. Jeffs' voice drifted down from ceiling speakers like curling smoke.

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Rumors swirled around the courthouse in San Angelo, Texas, last summer. The Associated Press recently found that Utah had prosecuted only two polygamists in the past 50 years in cases where no other crimes were involved. The independent polygamists are often adults freely engaging in "plural marriage," and many Utah and Arizona authorities simply regard it as a "lifestyle choice.

But the Mormon Church has never removed Smith's polygamy directive from its "sacred covenants," and polygamy is still a part of polygamy religion's concept of the afterlife. Arizona ended all formal education for FLDS members in But before that, he'd removed all fifth-grade-age girls from school, so they could be readied for marriage.

The FLDS "prophet" both threatened and reassured the girl, mumbling prayers that ened her to joyfully perform God's will. Dating first noteworthy prosecution of an FLDS polygamist occurred around that time. FLDS had also learned the art of federal grants.

He took more than 50 wives and proclaimed that "any man who denied plural marriage was damned.

Flds continues abusive polygamist practices in utah and arizona

Brought to trial after he flaunted his views on such shows as Dateline and The Jerry Springer Show, Green was convicted of bigamy and child rape. She was forced to work hour unpaid shifts in FLDS businesses, knowing that her own children were often smacked around at home by other family members. In the courtroom, hands involuntarily flew up to cover mouths as it became clear that the girl had been restrained on a sort of temple altar bed, while several of Jeffs' adult "wives" stood by to assist him in case the child panicked.

Judge Beacham was openly sympathetic, stating from the bench that no sentence was likely to change a man's religious convictions, nor should any government agency try to do so. For more than a decade, the Short Creek community had been roiled by accusations of systematic child abuse, rape, incest and massive fraud.

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And will it ever be possible to dismantle this sect, or any others Arizona it that might arise in its wake, unless those two states finally crack down? For years, local authorities, including Juab County Attorney David Leavitt, knew about Green -- but they ignored him until he appeared on national TV shows like Dateline and The Jerry Springer Show to talk about his 10 wives one of whom polygamy a year-old stepdaughterhis 25 to 30 kids, and the wily system he'd devised to defraud taxpayers into supporting his family.

Yet since Jeffs' conviction last August, FLDS leaders have continued many of their extreme practices -- dating in the sect's longtime headquarters on the Utah-Arizona border, called "Short Creek," the local nickname for the neighboring towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz. FLDS women, who were often kept pregnant for as long as they were fertile, sometimes had more than a dozen kids each.

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Today, more than 65 percent of Utah's residents are Mormons, and they pretty much run the state government, as well as most of the local governments that allow organized polygamous sects and so-called "independent" polygamists to live openly. Jeffs is photographed in a series of poses with one of his child "brides," the year-old daughter of FLDS bishop Fredrick Merril Jessop. They don't, however, have much to say about polygamy.

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She's been praying for inspiration from God, that he will reveal to her the name of the man she will marry.


A place where everyone considers themselves to be typical, All-American families in every way except one: the residents here practice polygamy.