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CaribbeanDestinationsPuerto Rico. There is reduced capacity at restaurants and nightlife venues are not yet open. Nevertheless, travel to the island has d and your visit is encouraged provided you comply with all restrictions in place. The answer is a big, resounding YES. For those of you unfamiliar with the island, Puerto Rico is a stretch of land spanning x 35 miles in the North Atlantic Ocean.


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You can stay 30 days in the DR as long as you have a valid passport. There are many nightclubs in Old San Juan with some pretty expensive cover charges.

What are puerto rican men like?

If you need personalized consulting or advice, I am available for hire. Puerto Rico is very diverse and I saw a lot of hot young girls as well as attractive female tourists. Here you have real women that are not prostitutes. That was the first time I ever got refused from a club. Everything from hotels to nightclubs is expensive in the capital of San Juan.

Dominican food is just street vendors? Here are some Nice Beach area towns that are not full of tourists to check out are Puerto plata, Samana, Rio San Juan, San Pedro de Macoris, Cabrera, but the downside of these areas you will need to be able to speak Spanish or have a translator.

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On the other hand, the Dominican Republic has plenty of issues with safety. Unfortunately a lot of these women are racist towards black men, they prefer white men and Latino men. I mostly ate at the hotel during my trip just to be safe.

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If you go down their showing off your money, you will attract bad people. Also be aware that when an American guy go to those countries to find a woman is likely because for some reason they are not able to find one in USA. That is not the rule but if you see a guy that have to go to another country to get a girl is usually because there is something wrong with him that prevents him from getting a decent woman in his own country… Do the math….

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The first lady of USA, who is a beautiful, elegant, smart and classy woman was constantly attacked and name called only because of her race, wake up people! While you travel across your preferred destinations around the globe if work interrupts at any point of time?

Both countries have their pros and cons. Are you kidding me really!

Expat advice: relationships in san jose, costa rica

On the other hand, your typical Dominican chick will be brown skinned. In DR you won t see any of those ridiculous race groups …. You have a great mix of ethnic diversity in the capital you will find any kind of women are looking for and you have a lot of educated women as well that can speak English, have jobs, and careers. The DR has some of the nicest beaches in the world. Tarik are you a pimp? This is a tough choice for me because female beauty is reliant on preference.


Are you sure you visited the DR and not Haiti our neighbors? Many DR girls will work with a local boyfriend to set you up and rob you. Sounds extremely ignorant!!! The capital of Santo Domingo is a nice place to visit if you can speak fluent Spanish.

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Where did you hear Indegios? The selection there is incredible so you can sample a wide variety of ladies. In Puerto Rico, you will notice the nightlife is rich and livingly. The DR is nice, but I would rather go to Brazil and spend my time there. Poverty is a huge problem so many of these girls are single mothers and desperate for extra income.

How do Puerto Rico treat the single American brothas? When we se police killing and arresting people only bc they are black, that is a serious issue. Nice article but you missed something very important about race.

Can singles retire happily in costa rica and not be lonely? | live in costa rica blog

At the airport that is the max you want to be in the country when you the paperwork. There is no such thing as pure Latin in the D. Santiago is the only part of D. Please document yourself about all the dirty things still happening in USA to black Americans.

I mentioned earlier that American men go missing in the DR every year. Dominican Republic is cheaper for tourists. You will see many older white men walking with young Dominican girls half their age.

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USA is propably the most racist country in the world where races is taking to a whole different level. They have gorgeous brown skin as well as light skin black women with big booties like in the early s rap videos. But in these places I recommend you know how to speak proper fluent Spanish. People of different color visit every year and that makes your false accusation look bad. The good part is that some of the women I saw at these nightclubs were stunningly beautiful.

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DR girls are beautiful, too. Do you prefer big booty brown girls or a wide selection of body types and skin tones? Puerto Rico has some nice beaches on the Caribbean side, but you will find more eye candy in the DR. I hope I covered everything on both beautiful countries. Puerto Rico wins this category hands down. You can move to Puerto Rico and stay there as long as you like. I dunno. The colonial zone is a nice place to check out in the day time.

If you like black women you will be in heaven.

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If women in Ukraine and Russia are not so darn attractive and feminine and marriage-minded, I would have returned to Latin America in a heartbeat. Becareful at night it can be dangerous if your by your self.

Thinking about planning a trip to Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic? If you love Latina women Santiago and La Vega are the two cities to check out. Brazil offers more women, better food, better beaches and a better overall experience. Unfortunately the Black Dominican and black Haitian women most of them are prostitutes. I am currently in the Dominican Republic and I will say they have a lot of ethnic diversity.

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Where the heck do you stayed? If you like latina woman Santiago and la vega are the place. If you are looking for the cheapest trip, then Dominican Republic is much cheaper than Puerto Rico. Tarik is the founder of ExpatKings. The Dominican Republic is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Puerto Rican women really like to dress up and look good for their men.

Im a Black Man that grew up in Alabama during the 60s to the 80s.

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Please check out my Services. I felt much safer and had zero problems walking alone at night.

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I would also recommend avoiding La Romana a lot of murders have happened out there of tourists as well as locals. Lots of American men go missing in the DR every year so please be careful! Puerto Rico has many clean restaurants and better street food.

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Your dollar goes much further in Hispaniolathe name of the island that separates Dominican Republic and Haiti. Can you post a link of the study of the genetic diversity in DR? Brazil offer more women? There is even a Chinatown where people speak Chinese. Also as in anywhere in the world if you are cheap and go to cheap areas in any country what do you expect… Do the math…. Unfortunately for some of the black tourists a lot of these women may not be too interested due to discrimination. In Dominican Republic, I noticed most of the nightlife was geared towards prostitution or going to local nightclubs.

The Latina women in these parts of the country prefer white men and Latino men. If you like love seeing a woman Santiago and la vega are the place. Aside from whites, blacks, and in-betweens, there are also asians, Jews, Arabs, etc.

I live in PR presently and let me tell you I have met a frew good people but over all I am out of here………. Brazil is a big country ,where will you go?

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I need some input from you brothers. I love the ease of entering Puerto Rico and they win the visa comparison by a long shot. The pay for play scene in DR is huge. Also you can only stay 30 days at a time in the Dominican Republic.

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Expats might struggle to arrange matters of transport and driving in Puerto Rico.


Hello, With cultural barriers and different dating norms, finding love as an expat abroad can be exciting and challenging at the same time.


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