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Related Stories Should non-Indigenous people get traditional Inuit tattoos? I should've turned around and hugged him.

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It's an ancient tradition that is seeing a modern revitalization. You're in television, you have to have thick skin!

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Domestic abuse, along with drug and alcohol abuse, are also widespread. Nordlum intends to go to Russia, where she said traditional tattoos are a thing of the past. With her gloves, ink, needles and thread around her, Holly Mititquq Nordlum pierces the skin of her subject's wrist.

The revitalization movement for Kakinniit and Tunniit is going strong in Alaska, Greenland and Canada.

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Nordlum is from a small Inupiat village in Alaska, near the Arctic Circle. For nearly 20 years she's lived in Anchorage, where suicide rates are high. This is how our ancestors really did it," Nordlum said, while stitching Allakariallak's skin. She was like bouncing around!

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She learned something about her mother while tattooing her finger. The tattoos were by women, for women," she said. While the stories can be difficult to hear, she repeatedly calls the connection with women "amazing.

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She painstakingly hand pokes and hand stitches the intricate des with a needle and cotton thread, which leave a trail of ink under a person's skin. Nordlum recently tattooed an elder in her 70s.

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Social Sharing. I do a lot of work in schools with native kids in the city. Colonization was devastating to our people and we all suffer from that," she said.

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For some, it's simply a mark of beauty; for others, they represent ificant milestones, such as marriage, children, or spiritual beliefs. I was like, 'Wow if my own people are going to do that, what are other people going to do? The ancient art of Inuit tattoos 3 years ago Inuk filmmaker explains the emotionally fraught decision to get traditional face tattoos. Starting out, the first tattoo Nordlum did on herself was her inner thigh; she wanted to ink a tender spot so she understood the sensation her clients would experience when she poked them.

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Nordlum has tattooed men with des of artifacts or hunting — things that speak to them. It's just so emotional," she said. While some artists have gone modern, using tattoo guns, Nordlum learned the traditional methods from a woman in Greenland over one month. So I have them all over," Nordlum said.

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In short, no. That's something I did not expect that I would find.

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While some artists have gone modern, using tattoo guns, Holly Nordlum hand stitches or hand pokes the intricate Inuit des. Nordlum said it's about regaining their history and ancestry, which also means some des must stay exclusive to her people.

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An ivory mask from Devon Island, Nunavut, shows what appear to be tattoo marks. She practices the art of Inuit tattoos, which is called Kakinniit or Tunniit in Inuktitut. She said their discussions are about healing.

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Nordlum eventually came to the conclusion that the man's response had nothing to do with her. But these patterns, and the stitching, are just for Inuit.

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Should non-Indigenous people get traditional Inuit tattoos? Nordlum said women often tell her that they feel like it's their fault that they didn't grow up in their Inuit or Inupiat village or with their blood family.

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She said the woman had been waiting 60 years for the tattoo, which was her great-grandmother's de. Associated with shamanism and seen as evil, Inuit tattoos were forbidden by Christian missionaries a century ago.

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There is evidence dating back nearly 4, years of Inuit women from across the circumpolar Arctic — from Russia to Alaska — bearing facial tattoos. Nordlum's project to revitalize traditional tattoos is an attempt to bring something positive to her people.

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Watch Allakariallak get her tattoo and learn about the ancient art of Inuit tattoos. Getting her own family to open up about their past has been a struggle. Historically, only whaling captains or male leaders were inked, she said, but added that it's important to "bring our men in" and help them feel connected to their culture.

Holly nordlum hand stitches and hand pokes the intricate inuit des

In short, no 'There's so much healing going on': Inuit tattoo revival reaches Ulukhaktok Book published on Inuit tattoo revitalization 'all my visions coming to life,' says author 'This is so powerful:' Kitikmeot women revive traditional Inuit tattoos Inuk filmmaker explains the emotionally fraught decision to get traditional face tattoos Snowguard is Marvel Comics' new Inuk superhero from Nunavut.

It's dated back to B. The tattoos can also be inked on a woman's body, including her hands, wrists and shoulders. Nordlum is no regular tattoo artist.